Johnny Ruffo continues to overcome cancer challenges in latest health update

Fans are moved by Johnny Ruffo's unwavering strength. Source: Instagram @johnny_ruffo

Australian actor and singer Johnny Ruffo has become an unwavering symbol of strength and resilience as he continues to battle his terminal brain cancer.

In a powerful display of determination, the 35-year-old former Home and Away star took to social media to share a heartfelt update from his hospital room.

With an infectious smile and a show of two peace signs, Ruffo took to Instagram to tell his fans he is “still kicking this thing’s arse”.


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Ruffo’s uplifting update sparked an outpouring of love and support from his fellow celebrities.

One such message came from Lynne McGranger, Ruffo’s Home and Away co-star, who called him a “true champion”.

Actress Sarah Roberts echoed the sentiments, expressing her wish that cancer would leave him alone and that he didn’t “have to keep kicking its arse.”

“You don’t deserve that, I wish it would just f*** off and leave you alone,” Roberts wrote.

Fans also showered Ruffo with words of encouragement and love. Many shared personal stories of their battles with cancer, reminding him that he is never alone in his fight against the horrible disease.

“Cancer is so hard on anyone, family to so hard to watch !! kinda feel emotional when I see your posts, you’ve been fighting this for a while as my dad did too which sadly didn’t make it but your young keep fighting love seeing your posts seems you have an amazing supportive family which is beautiful,” one fan wrote.

“Freaking awesome work. Keep kicking ass. I’m a wife of a stage IV blood cancer survivor. You got this,” another added.

“You are absolutely amazing! Keep kicking! I’m trying to kick bowel cancer’s arse! Never give up the fight!” said a third.


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A post shared by Johnny Ruffo (@johnny_ruffo)

Before his most recent health update, Ruffo appeared on the Kicpod podcast to share his philosophy on how to make the most out of life,  saying the key is to not “sweat the small things”.

“Cherish life,” he said.

“Don’t sweat the small things and make sure the last conversation you have with people that you love is a good one.”

Despite his beautiful outlook on life and the unwavering support from his fans and family, Ruffo has previously admitted that he fears the thought of dying before his loved ones have the chance to “say goodbye”.

“I’m scared for my brother, my mum, dad and Tahnee that they won’t be here with me [when I die],” Ruffo admitted.

“There is no way my family will all be here. The likelihood of that is (slim). It would be ideal if everyone was there – not for my sake, but theirs.”

However, Ruffo said he hadn’t given up hope and reassured everyone that he was “powering through” his battle.

“At some point, it will get me but I’m still fighting. Still kicking on…I’m already winning. My goal now is to try and help as many people as I can and also live a happy life,” he said.

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