John Farnham’s children reveal the legendary singer is ‘almost back to his normal self’

Oct 11, 2022
Despite his recent trials and tribulations, Farnham is looking forward to getting "back home to his dog" and "his own bed". Source: Getty Images.

The sons of legendary Australian musician, John Farnham, have revealed that the “future looks bright and not dreary” for the entertainment icon as he continues his road to recovery following surgery and treatment for cancer.

Farnham’s sons, Robert and James, recently spoke to A Current Affair where they opened up about their father’s diagnosis and how his recovery is progressing while thanking the public for their support during a difficult time.

“It was beautiful to see the amazing messages. It’s a strange thing, everyone just feels that they are a part of it if that makes any sense. But it’s a good feeling,” Robert said.

Farnham was admitted to hospital in Victoria on August 23 for “surgery and ongoing treatment” after doctors discovered “a cancerous growth”.

At the time, Farnham issued a statement where he expressed his gratitude for having “the best specialist healthcare professionals in Victoria”.

“Cancer diagnosis is something that so many people face every single day, and countless others have walked this path before me,” he said.

John Farnham
Source: Getty Images.
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