Friends and family rally behind comedian Barry Humphries amid health complications

Apr 20, 2023
Following Humphries' hospitalisation, his family released a statement to update his fans on his condition. Source: Getty Images.

Renowned comedian and actor Barry Humphries, who brought the iconic Dame Edna Everage to life, has returned to hospital following complications from his recent hip surgery.

The 89-year-old comedian was initially admitted to the hospital for surgery in February following a fall at his home resulting in a broken hip.

As news broke of Humphries’ hospitalisation and concern grew among his legion of loyal fans, the comedian’s family issued a statement updating the public on his condition.

“Barry Humphries is currently in hospital receiving treatment for health issues,” the statement read.

“Barry would like to thank everybody for the support and good wishes he has received but would like more and more.

“He would also like to thank the wonderful doctors, nurses and staff at St Vincent’s Hospital.”

Sky News host Rowan Dean and friend of Humphries later offered an update on the state of the comedian’s health, revealing that he has got “serious health problems” but that “his sense of humour never leaves him.”

“Barry Humphries never stops laughing and cracking jokes, even if he’s as ill as he currently is, he’ll still be cracking jokes, he’ll still be laughing and he’s always got a wicked sense of humour,” Dean said.

“I’m sure some of the nurses in the hospital are still amused by the twinkle in Barry Humphries’ eyes and that irrepressible grin and that irrepressible laugh.”

As news broke of Humphries’ return to hospital, fans from near and far were quick to offer their messages of support while wishing the comedian a speedy recovery.

Humphries’ latest health battle comes after he recently updated his fans regarding how he was travelling following hip surgery and the accident that caused his injury.

The entertainer told the Sydney Morning Herald that he sustained the injury during a visit to Sydney, describing the incident as the “most ridiculous thing”.

“Like all domestic incidents are,” he added.

“I was reaching for a book, my foot got caught on a rug or something, and down I went.”At the time,

At the time, Humphries assured fans that he is “on the mend” and that his “trajectory is up” while advising the public to avoid breaking their hip if they can.


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