Comedy legend Billy Connolly tells all in Windswept and Interesting audiobook

Jan 02, 2022
Listen to the hilarious and honest recollection of Billy's life, wonderfully narrated by the man himself. Image: Getty

Narrated by Billy Connolly himself, in the full glory of his Glasgow accent, Windswept & Interesting is the first time Connolly has written about his life from his own perspective.

It’s hilarious, honest, and captivating. From his impoverished beginnings and tough upbringing to the adventures and warmth of life in Glasgow and his escape into music and stand-up comedy, you’ll be immersed in Connolly’s words as he takes you on a journey of his full life story. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions and quite the listening experience with many laugh-out-loud moments and some tear-jerking ones too.

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The truth behind his life

It seems almost bizarre to learn that the much-loved Scottish actor and comedian is actually Sir William Connolly CBE. Judging by his no-nonsense reputation, he probably prefers his Scots nickname, The Big Yin (The Big One), which refers to his height of six feet.

A collector of snow globes, a wearer of leotards and banana boots, a lover of long hair and a flowing beard, he has maintained a reputation for being windswept and interesting with vigour. And while his battle with Parkinson’s Disease and cancer did end his 50-year career in stand-up comedy, hearing Connolly read his memoir to you in his own voice will make it feel like you were back at one of his shows.

Abuse survivor

The only good thing you could say about Connolly’s sad childhood is that it made him stronger. Connolly reveals a side to his life that not many know of. Deserted by his mother at the age of four, he was a bouncing square peg in a round hole with no qualms in taking a life-or-death stance over eating despised vegetables. Some kids might be sent to bed without dinner, but five-year-old Billy got into some big trouble.

Despite his early years of turmoil, there is still plenty of laughter, love, and adventure to come.

Outrageous stories

Connolly has achieved remarkable success in his life and is regarded by many as one of the world’s great comedians – despite his teacher’s dire predictions.

He is an expert in misbehaving in public but being wildly entertaining while doing it. Hearing the stories about directing cars while sloshed in the middle of the street in Kings Cross and being stuck in a public phone booth in London will have you cackling!

Humour studded with wisdom

Connolly is a man who loves the simple things, starting with a cup of tea and a digestive bickie.

However, he still has plenty to say and his pearls of wisdom include “don’t eat anything that comes in a bucket, swear like a Glaswegian, and if your heart stops, apply vinegar”. There’s more sage advice but you’ll have to listen to the audiobook to learn the details.

The Big Yin

With such an open and honest approach to life, you’ll often find yourself laughing in public when listening to Connolly’s audiobook.  That could look a little strange if you are on a bus, however that’s just what Connolly wants.

The only bad thing about this entire audiobook is when it ends! But if you’re looking to hear more tales from The Big Yin, Connolly fans can also listen to other audiobooks written by the star on Audible, including the Made in Scotland: My Grand Adventures in a Wee Country.

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