Australia’s tastiest, healthiest and cheapest frozen chips revealed 

Australia's top frozen chips have been revealed. Source: Getty Images.

There are few things in the world more comforting than a warm bowl of chips covered in salt with a generous dollop of tomato sauce on the side.

For those already salivating, leading consumer advocacy group, Choice, has reviewed and revealed Australia’s top frozen chips to ensure potato-lovers can get their chip fix without a trip to the local takeway.

Choice got the air fryer going and taste-tested 34 supermarket frozen chips across all types including shoestring, crinkle cut, and pub-style steak cut.

The test was based on flavour, texture, aroma, appearance and nutrition, and all chips were cooked in air fryers to ensure the crispiest results.

So which types of frozen chips are Australia’s favourite?

Before the taste test, Choice polled members of the CHOICE Community to discover which types are the most popular amongst Australians. 41% preferred the standard fry, 36% liked the thicker steak cut, 22% opted for crinkle cut and 13% like shoestring fries.

Birds Eye chips were the clear favourite for best straight cut and best crinkle cut chips with both options scoring a Choice  recommendation. Birds Eye Crunch Thin and Crispy Chips received an overall 88% Choice Score with a nutrition score of 80%, potato percentage score of 89% and a sodium count per 100mg of 339mg.

A Choice expert described these chips as, “Golden brown, not yellow. Smell is aromatic and of baked potato. Texture is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Flavour is noticeably of baked potato.”

The Birds Eye Gold Crunch Crinkle Cut Chips received a Choice score of 85%, a nutrition score of 80%, potato percentage score of 90% with the sodium count per 100g sitting at 313mg.

The Choice expert said, “Texture is good. Crunchy and not soggy. Flavour is nice and salty. Most of the colour is nice. Some of them are quite pale but don’t look undercooked.”

The top choice for best shoestring or thin chip went to Woolworths Essentials French Fries. They received a Choice score of 66%, nutrition score of 90%, potato percentage score of 96% and sodium per 100g was 73mgs.

One of the Choice experts said,  “Nice structure, tastes of potato, good crispness.”

Finally, Choice’s best beer battered chip was Woolworths Australian Beer batter Steakhouse Chips.

These received a Choice score of 76%, nutrition score of 80%, the potato percentage was 91% and sodium per 100g was 230mgs.

An expert said, “These chips smell and taste very good, and the texture is a mixture of crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. A little bit oily. Could be a bit crispier.”

How healthy are frozen chips? 

While frozen chips make for a great snack and are deliciously moreish, they can pose health risks due to their high levels of unhealthy fats, sodium, and preservatives.

Regular consumption may contribute to weight gain, heart disease, and other health issues associated processed foods so its best to enjoy them in moderation.


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