The simple reheating hack that makes soggy leftover chips as good as new

There are many ways to reheat old chips; some delicious, some... less so. Here's a method many readers swear by.Source: Getty Images.

Reheating leftovers often results in a delicious lunch or dinner, minus the hours slaving away in the kitchen. While restaurant leftovers usually taste delicious one thing that loses its taste when reheated is fresh cut chips. Reheating these often results in soggy and bendy chips that need to be doused in sauce and seasoned in salt to taste remotely good.

Luckily, there is a way to avoid the soggy chip problem and get them tasting crispy and fresh every time.

UK Food expert Magda Ganea from The Real Food Café told tabloid, the Metro, that it is the moisture in potatoes that causes chips to go soggy when reheated, “Potatoes are full of moisture that escapes when reheated, especially in a microwave or oven where the steam can’t escape.”

To combat this problem Ganea says the first step to ensuring your chips don’t go soggy is to store them properly. She recommends that leftover chips be cooled as quickly as possible and placed in the fridge with a loose covering.

Sealing the potatoes tightly may cause bacterial growth so it is important to loosely cover the chips.

Before reheating the chips Ganea suggests patting them down with a paper towel to remove any excess moisture. Once this is done the best way to ensure crispy chips is to deep fry them.

If you don’t have a deep fryer at home, it’s fine to cook your leftover chips in a frying pan with oil. Simply chuck your chips into the hot oil and use a pair of tongs to rotate them all. Making sure you turn them over regularly is a must if you want a nice even crunch.

Use a high setting when frying your chips and watch out that they don’t burn.

After your chips are golden, place them on some pieces of paper towel to get rid of any excess oil and then season and serve!

So next time you have some leftover fish and chips, try using this method to avoid soggy and plain chips.

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