Aussie actor slammed over “horrific” Bourke St calls

Actor Peter Kusznir is a conspiracy theorist who doesn't believe the Bourke St tragedy happened. Source: YouTube

We all saw the footage of the Bourke St tragedy and mourned with Melbourne over the loss of six people, including two children.

But there’s one Aussie actor who reportedly believes it never happened.

NewsCorp reports that Peter Kusznir, who appeared in episodes of Neighbours and Underbelly, is a conspiracy theorist who believes “no car went down Bourke Street”.

Yes, that’s right, despite all the horrible footage of the accused driver Dimitrious Gargasoulas, Kusznir has questioned the attack in a series of online videos.

In the videos he reportedly questions the injuries of those caught up in the tragedy, as well as make “horrific” comments about the families of victims and some anti-Semetic comments.

And if that doesn’t make you mad enough, the actor went so far as to call a hospital and pretend to be a friend of one of the injured.

In one of the online videos he called the Royal Melbourne Hospital 10 days after the tragedy and pretended to be a friend of Nathalie Hakin, whose daughter Thalia was killed on Bourke St.

“I just arrived in Melbourne yesterday in regards to this tragedy that happened last week … an old friend of mine is apparently in Melbourne Hospital … I was just wondering when visiting hours were,” he said.


“She’s been there for about a week now … her name is Nathalie Hakin.”

When he was told she had been moved to another hospital he asked “does that mean she is in good condition?”

But he didn’t stop there.

Kusznir’s call was transferred to another hospital and he continued his questions.

When he was asked for his name, he responded by saying “does it really matter?”

“Is this the general thing you do when someone calls to ask for visiting hours? So if I don’t give you my name you’re not going to give me details?” he said.

Then he was transferred to a nurse, who told him there was a blockage on who could visit Ms Hakin and that she needed a name.

 “Is she well? Because she was in a critical condition only a few days ago. Can I just ask: ‘What’s the big secret?” Kusznir said.

“She was involved in a big tragedy and I just want to visit and give her flowers.

“I think she’s not even injured.”

The videos, which were reported to police, were viewed tens of thousands of times.

And to make matters even worse, there were reportedly comments on there from people who believe the Bourke St tragedy is a conspiracy.

How disgraceful is that?

What do you think of Peter Kusznir’s actions? Should he be punished for his actions?



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