20 creative uses for denture cleaning tablets at home

May 05, 2024
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Denture cleaning tablets are powerful little things that can do a lot more than just clean your dentures, and who doesn’t love an effective, inexpensive multi-purpose cleaner?

With their ability to kill a high percentage of bacteria and restore dentures to almost brand new, it’s a game-changer to refreshing your home, and even if you don’t have dentures, everyone should make denture tablets a household staple.

Here are nine top 20 of our favourite uses — you won’t be disappointed!

1. Cleaning your mattresses

Stained mattress? Well, instead of spending big on a new mattress, all you need is two denture tablets and around 450ml of water. Mix the two ingredients together and then spray the solution over the marks until they disappear. Then pop the mattress out in the sun to dry.

2. Removing yellow stains from clothes

We can all agree that yellow sweat stains on white clothes can be unsightly and annoyingly hard to get rid of. Well, if you’re stuck on ideas, denture-cleaning tablets may be the key to reviving white clothes. Simply mix two tablets with water and wait for the fizzing to finish. Pour over the stain, let sit for 10 minutes, and then wash as usual.

3. Shining your jewellery

Has your diamond ring or necklace lost its sparkle? Denture cleaning tablets can also get your jewellery sparkly clean. Simply put a denture tablet into a glass of water, and drop in your ring or other diamond jewellery. Let them soak for about 10 minutes and then rinse.

4. Cleaning spectacles

Do your eyeglasses need some sprucing up? Fill a bowl with water, drop in a denture tablet and then add your glasses. Once the fizzing has stopped (denture tablets usually fizz for the first few minutes when you drop them into water), you’ll see the mineral deposits disappear. Wipe clean with a microfibre cloth.

5. Removing stains and grime from your toilet

It’s safe to say no one enjoys cleaning the toilet. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to get around this, look no further. All you have to do is pop two tablets into the toilet bowl and let them dissolve. Then flush after 20 minutes — it’s that easy! And the best part is you don’t have to spend hours scrubbing!

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6. Cleaning stained mugs

If you’ve struggled to remove stubborn coffee stains from your mugs, you’re not alone. That ugly residue builds up quickly and even the toughest elbow grease can be no match. Well, the good news is, denture cleaning tablets can do the trick! All you have to do is put a tablet in your stained cup with a little water and wait until it’s dissolved. Leave overnight then rinse with clean water.

7. Shining crystal and glassware

If you have that set of glassware that only comes out on special occasions, even just for decoration, add the shine back into them with denture tablets. Especially if your glassware has intricate patterns carved along the denture tables will clean every nook and cranny. Just pop a couple of tablets into the water-filled sink, along with your glassware, and ta-da!

8. Cleaning porcelain sinks

Cleaning your porcelain sink with denture tablets is the easiest way to restore the porcelain, making it look like it’s recently been in stalled. Just fill the sink up with water and add a couple of tablets, allowing them to sit for about 20 minutes. Once you drain the sink, give it a wipe with a clean cloth.

9. Unclogging drains

Having trouble unclogging a drain? Crush up some denture tablets, sprinkle them over the drain and then run the water until the drain unclogs. If it’s still blocked, follow up with a cup of white vinegar and boiling water. Thanks to its acidic base, white vinegar works great.

10. Whitening yellowed fingernails

Denture tablets work well for whitening yellowed or discoloured fingernails as well. Simply put two tablets into a bowl of water and when the bubbles stop soak your fingernails for about 10 minutes and dry them. You’ll be surprised by the results.

11. Cleaning the kettle

Need to de-scale your kettle but you’ve run out of cleaner? Don’t fret! Simply drop two denture tablets in the kettle and fill it with water. Run the machine as normal and discard. It’ll be as good as new!

12. Keeping your water bottle fresh

Water bottles are often neglected from the cleaning ritual and when they are cleaned, it’s hard to reach the corners of the bottom of the bottle, allowing for a build-up of bacteria. With denture tablets, there’s no need to struggle trying to push a dish wand into the corners, just fill the bottle with water and allow the tablet to work its magic.

13. Removing hard-set food from dirty dishes

There’s nothing worse than ruining a scrubbing brush or sponge to try and clean your dishes, pots and pans with hard-set food on them. You could leave them soaking in water to come back the next day and scrub them clean, or you could use a denture tablet to do all the work for you, in a fraction of the time. Fill your dish with water and add a tablet, and sit back and wash as all the food comes unstuck – all you need to do is rinse and you’re done!

14. Refreshing and whitening shoes

If your shoes are starting to smell and need a bit of a refresh, clean them up with denture tablets. From your sandals and crocs to white sneakers, just fill a bucket with water and add a couple of tablets, allowing your shoes to soak. You’ll find them deodorised and grime free.

15. Cleaning tiles and grout

Give your house that newly built feel again by shining your tiles and grout without any of the heavy scrubbing. Simply fill a spray bottle with water and a few denture tablets, spray onto the desired area and let sit for 30 minutes. Wipe down the area (you can use a mop) and enjoy how shiny and clean your tiles are grout become.

16. Revitalising a discoloured leather sofa

Add life back into your leather sofa. Just use a spray bottle with water and a couple of denture tablets inside, and spray the mixture onto your sofa, targeting any discoloured areas. Let the denture tablets work their magic for 10 minutes before wiping off with a clean cloth.

17. Cleaning your vases

Flowers often leave a ring of grime around your vase that can often be incredibly hard to remove, especially if your vase is narrow. Fear not, simply fill the vase with water, add a denture tablet and your vase will be as good as new.

18. Keeping flowers fresh

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers to brighten up the home? The major downside of fresh flowers is how short-lived they are, but denture tablets can actually help to keep them fresh for longer. Simply add a tablet (or half depending on the size of your vase) to the water and enjoy the smell of the flowers for a couple extra days.

19. Cleaning your hairbrush

When was the last time you did a thorough clean of your hairbrush, outside of just emptying the bristles from dead hair? Our hairbrushes are full of grime and bacteria, absorbing oils and dead cells of your scalp, so it’s important to keep them clean to help your hair stay healthy. Remove all the loose hair from your brush and simply fill a bowl with water, add a tablet and allow your brush (or comb) to soak.

20. Cleaning and unclogging showerheads

Limescale buildup can be a real hassle for your shower, it can clog your showerhead and weaken the water flow. To restore your water pressure and de-clog your showerhead, the only cleaning product you need is denture tablets. Fill a ziplock bag with warm water and a couple of tablets and zip-tie it to your showerhead, allow it to soak for a couple of hours and you’ll be able to enjoy a nice, warm shower with the perfect pressure.

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