Home cook’s amazing wedding-worthy creation using $4 Woolies mud cakes

Jul 22, 2020
One savvy woman has revealed a simple trick for making a knock-out cake. Source: @messynessy80/TikTok.

Don’t want to waste money on a super expensive cake for your next event? Then the cheapest solution may be to bake one yourself, but if the thought of baking a cake from scratch makes you nervous, don’t fret, one savvy woman has revealed a simple trick for making a knock-out cake that costs little to nothing — in fact, you’ll only need about $20!

The woman who goes by the name @messynessy80 on the new teen app TikTok, which allows users to share videos, says all you need is three $4.80 cakes from Woolies and a bit of icing to create a layered ombre cake.

To make the cake, the woman first places a chocolate mud cake upside down on a serving tray while also keeping the delicious icing, before pipping a layer of buttercream on top. She then stacks a caramel Woolies cake — again upside down — and adds another layer of buttercream.

Source: @messynessy80/TikTok.

For the final layer, she adds another chocolate mud cake, only this time the right side up and with the icing scraped off the top, and puts more buttercream on top. The woman then pipes three different colours of icing — dark pink, light pink and cream — on each layer of the cake, which is then neatly blended together with a spatula to create an ombre look. For the final touches, she adds artificial flowers to the top.

Source: @messynessy80/TikTok.

Other TikTok users were left impressed, with one writing: “This is awesome. I’m going to use it for my daughter’s 21st.” Another added: “What a great idea.” And a third added: “I thought about this before and wondered why people didn’t do this.”

Source: @messynessy80/TikTok.

And if you want your cake to last a little longer, Starts at 60 recently shared a nifty trick for preventing cake and other baked goods from getting stale. All you need to do is place a couple of bread slices around the open parts of the cake where you last cut into it. Along with the bread, you’ll need a couple of toothpicks too to hold the bread slices in place. The bread will go stale and hard, but the cake will stay nice and soft. Just be sure to remove the bread slices and toothpicks before serving. And if you need to save the cake more than one, just use new slices of bread each time.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have any other cake hacks?

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