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Threading to remove facial fuzz is an instant complexion boost

Mar 16, 2018
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Keeping on top of hair removal can seem like a chore, but removing the peach fluff from your face make a woman look fresher and younger, according to one beauty pro.

Aussie TV favourite Jean Kittson sat down with Priceline Pharmacy beauty director Sarah Laidlaw to discuss the benefits of facial threading and waxing. Kittson, who represented Starts at 60 at the recent Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Week, revealed that she’d tried threading for facial hair removal.

“I can’t get waxing because I break out, there’s no way I can use all those waxing kits because my skin’s too sensitive,” Jean explained, adding that removing baby-fine hairs had taken years off her.

Sarah agreed that threading – a hair removal technique that originated in Asia and the Middle East – is a great option for mature woman.

“It takes away that soft downy hair and keeps your skin looking more youthful,” she said. “You get a little downier round the edges [of your face] as you age, and it’s a great way to give the illusion of youth.

“There’s so many tiny little things that you can do. I look at my mum, she’s 68, and when people ask you how old she is they go ‘no, you are not!’ It’s just those little tweaks of things that you do.”

Threading involves the therapist swiping a piece of fine cotton thread across the area that requires hair removal, which quickly removes hair at the root without the risk of irritating the skin. Fans usually say it is less painful than waxing and plucking, and ensures that, unlike with shaving, the hair grows back as fine or finer than before.

Another benefit is that threading usually costs less than waxing, with many salons offering walk-in appointments. You can find a threading practitioner at most large shopping centres or by searching for a local one online. 

What’s your secret to a glowing complexion? What’s the least painful hair removal method for you?


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