Banish unsightly water stains from wood with these 5 fantastic hacks

Feb 20, 2024
These cheap but smart solutions are worth a try! Source: Getty Images.

We’ve all experienced it – attempting to tidy up an empty glass, only to discover an unsightly water stain marring the surface of our beloved wooden furniture.

Undeniably vexing, right? Fortunately, the silver lining is that you can bid farewell to these bothersome water stains without having to splurge on expensive cleaning products.

Join Starts at 60 as we explore five reliable and tested techniques that use common household items, allowing you to restore your furniture’s pristine appearance without breaking the bank.

Use an iron

Water stain? All you need is an iron. To get started put a dry cloth on the water mark. Then preheat the iron to a low temperature. Once heated, warm the surface with the iron for several seconds. Repeat until the white stain has disappeared. This water stain removal method works best for light stains.

Spread some mayonnaise

Yep, that’s right. You can use mayonnaise to remove water stains. Simply dab a bit of mayonnaise onto a paper towel, then gently apply it to the water-stained area. Let the mayonnaise sit on the stain for at least a few hours (or overnight, if you can) with the paper towel sitting on top. The next day, wipe away with a clean cloth. You’ll be surprised by how well this method works.

Add some toothpaste

Turns out, toothpaste is also good at removing hard-to-clean water stains. However, you’ll need the white, non-gel variety! To get started, apply a little bit of toothpaste directly on the water stain ring. With a clean sponge, scrub lightly for about one minute. You don’t need to scrub very hard or for very long to see the stain disappear — it’s that easy.

Combine vinegar and olive oil

Mix equal parts vinegar and olive oil in a small bowl. Then apply the mixture directly to the water stain with a clean cloth. Rub the cloth along the mark until you see the stain vanish! Thanks to its acidic properties, white vinegar is the perfect cleaning tool, while the olive oil surprisingly acts as a natural furniture polish.

Plug in the hairdryer

If all else fails, grab your hairdryer from your bathroom, set the device on its highest setting and hold it about 5 centimetres away from the stain. As you apply heat, use a cloth to buff away the mark. Repeat until the water stains disappear. Finish by polishing the table with some furniture oil — olive oil works as a great substitute!

Bidding farewell to pesky water stains on your beloved wooden furniture doesn’t have to be expensive.

With these five easy hacks you can restore your furniture’s shine without breaking the bank.

So, give these tricks a try and bring back the beauty of your wooden pieces without any hassle or high costs. Your furniture will be grateful!


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