Aussie mum’s secret ingredient for cleaning toilets

Jul 01, 2020
Cleaning the toilet is high on the list of 'gross' chores around the house. Source: Getty.

Let’s face it, no one enjoys cleaning the toilet bowl. But one savvy Australian mum thinks she may have found a solution — and it involves no harsh scrubbing!

Lauren posted in the popular ‘Mums Who Clean’ Facebook group and shared her success in using two $2.25 tins of McKenzie’s Citric Acid to get her toilet bowl sparkling clean. To get started, the mum said she poured two tins of the budget product in the toilet and let sit for nine hours.

“I hate cleaning toilets.” she wrote. “Two citric acids dumped in the toilet for nine hours. The hardest part of the whole process was keeping people out of that bathroom and not use the toilet.”

Source: Mums Who Clean

Although the group’s other followers have previously raved about using Bunnings Warehouse’s $11.50 Scalex product to clean their toilets, Lauren said the citric acid she bought from Woolies worked just as well for a cheaper price, plus she didn’t have to make any additional trips!

“I was going to use Scalex but citric acid worked out a bit cheaper per 100g and I could get it during my usual weekly shop,” she said.

The group’s other followers praised the mum for her simple hack, with one person commenting: “I just used this to descale my kettle and wow it’s like new.”

Another commentator said they use citric acid in their toilet on a regular basis. “I drop about 1/4 cup citric acid, 1/4 cup bicarb and let it fizz,” they wrote. “After it has stopped bubbling, I use a toilet brush to scrub. Easy to use, and by not using harsh chemicals, I can get my kids to do it (they like watching the bubbles).”

While one said they tried this method a couple of weeks ago, saying: “I just sprinkled a generous amount in (probably not even 1/4 of the tin). I left overnight and then completely forgot about it in the morning. The kids used it before I could scrub it clean but it came up amazing anyway. I will definitely use this method again.”

Have you tried this before? Do you have an alternative home remedy?

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