Add this to your mopping solution for clean and nice smelling floor

It's a natural boost to your mopping solution.

As far as essential oils go, lavender has to be one of our favourites. Not only is it so fragrant and refreshing, it also has a number of uses around the home. Lavender oil is readily accessible, and relatively affordable compared to other essential oils. Now, while lavender can be used as a cleaner, we find we use it most to freshen things up. Did you know that lavender is a great deodoriser, antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic? Lavender also has properties in it which are effective in repelling insects. If you want an alternative to commercial cleaners, why not use lavender oil? It makes a great kitchen, bathroom and floor cleaner for any household.

Make the solution in a pail or keep it in a spray bottle for convenient storage.
Make the solution in a pail or keep it in a spray bottle for convenient storage.

To make your own DIY floor cleaning solution, you will need some lavender oil, some vinegar, a mop and a pail. Place 12 drops of lavender into a pail with warm water in it and add one cap full of vinegar. Mix the solution and you can already use it to mop your floors. The smell from the vinegar will disappear, leaving your home smelling amazing. Some people also mop with just the lavender drops into water and without vinegar and it still works. If you don’t want to use a lot of water or have one of those modern mops, simply drop six drops of lavender oil in a spray bottle filled with white vinegar, and you’re ready to go. It’s such an easy cleaning solution to make and it is also good for cleaning benchtops and bathroom and kitchen basins due to its disinfectant properties. Mmm… your home will smell like a field of lavenders!

lavender farm photo

Do you prefer store bought cleaners or natural DIY ones? Have you ever made your own cleaning solution? Tell us in the comments.

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