7 top tips for successfully selling and buying on Facebook Marketplace

Aug 04, 2023
The average household holds onto approximately 19 items they no longer need or want. Source: Getty.

Got some unwanted or unused items lying around at home? Well, turns out you’re not alone as 85 per cent of Aussies report having pre-loved or unused items in their home.

That’s right — according to a survey conducted by Statistica, Australians who sold their second-hand items, which they no longer need or use, were able to earn as much as $5,400 in 2019 and $7,000 in 2022.

So, whether you want to save some money or, better yet, make some money, with the help of financial expert Glen James, we’ve rounded up seven top tips for successfully selling and buying on Facebook Marketplace.

Turn it into a package deal

For example, if you’re selling an old game console your children or grandkids used to play on, throw in some extras like a game or accessories to seal the deal.

“It also helps if you’re trying to declutter your home of unused items and make room for some new things,” James says.

Negotiate on your terms

James says it’s important to remember that you’re selling the item and ultimately have the power at the end of the day to decide on the final price. So if you’re not happy with the price someone is offering, it’s okay to say no, he says, adding: “You can always pause or edit your listing to make the description more detailed and wait for another offer.”

As a general rule of thumb, don’t start with the lowest price first.

Do your research

Whether you’re selling or buying, James says to make sure you dedicate time to research what’s out there to help you understand the average price of similar items.

“There are a few rules to it: search by brand, search by style and search by similar age — both new and used,” he says.

Get into the plant business

According to James, money really does grow on trees, well plants for that matter. He says with the recent boom in plants if you have any houseplants at home, propagate them and sell the new cuttings online.

“These are big sellers on Marketplace, so think as a business expert — low cost, high margin and money will grow on trees,” he says.

Interact with your buyers

Want to increase your chances of selling an item? James says to make sure you respond promptly to messages from potential buyers. To do this, make sure you turn on your Facebook Messenger notifications to avoid missing any messages.

Provide a shipping option

Glen says adding a shipping option to your listing may also increase your chances of selling an item — and in this day and age, a contactless delivery option is always a plus!

Upcycle and then recycle

If you’re thinking of tossing out an old piece of furniture, don’t! Why not restore it and then pop it up online? You’ll save a trip to the dump and also make a bit of extra coin on the side.

“Often a wooden table or chair just needs a good wash and a polish with any wood oil or polish you have around the house,” James says.

This article was originally published on September 7, 2020, and was updated on August 4 2023. 
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