The beauty products we swore by in the 60s, 70s and 80s

Like everything in fashion, beauty trends come and go, as do the products that bring them to life. Lets take a look back at some of the most iconic products we’ve used throughout our lives.

Some products have changed a little, but stood the test of time.

1. Oil of Ulan (now known as Oil of Olay)

This is still favoured by many women today but now rebranded to Oil of Olay, the Oil of Ulan had a scent that is reminiscent of grandmothers everywhere. The best thing is that it’s a readily available, affordable alternative to some of the exorbitantly priced “miracle” potions on the shelves today and always has been.

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2. Ponds Cold Cream

Ponds Cold Cream is another one with a cult following. It must be doing something right!

“Delicious” Published in Ladies Home Journal, April 1973, Vol 90 No. 4 


3. Yardley Lavender

Can you even look at this without smelling that lavender fragrance? It has recently been re-released too!

4. Elizabeth Arden Pink

There were a few trends and products we’d rather forget

5. Like this rather colourful eye-shadow palette

6. Sweltering under one of these on a summer day

7. Or spending hours connected to one of these

The old form hairdryer kept us fixed in one place until later a portable power-pack came along and allowed us to become mobile with our cap-style blowdryers of the 60s.

8. And who could forget, trying to sleep with these prickly hair rollers in?

After spending hours getting the hair rollers in you then had to sleep in them, and apply a dryer to them to ensure that the hair dried into the curls that were so enamoured in the 60s and 70s.  Remember the directions they had to go in and how fastidious you had to be to get the style you wanted?

9. Everyone had this Avon mini brush!

That is, before everyone started getting their hair caught in round brushes.

10. When pointy boobs were the fashion (why though?) …

There was almost a decade in which pointy bras were a requirement.  Hard to believe now, but such a critical part of the female shape.  How old were you when you got your first one?

11. And we strangled our internal organs for that tiny waist

12.  The scent of Au De Cologne 4711 was one we will remember forever

My grandmother had one bottle for me and one for her on the counter in the bathroom so I could dab at my pulses like a lady.

Do you remember any other ripper beauty or fashion trends?


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