The digitally savvy way to watch live sports this summer

Jan 16, 2023
Many of us can now stream our favourite sporting competitions with just a few clicks. Image source: Getty

Australians have always been passionate about sports. Whether it’s playing a social sport at your local club or watching the footy from the comfort of your couch, we’re a nation that enjoys participating in sports as well as cheering on our favourite team. And even though nothing can quite compare to the atmosphere of watching a game live in a stadium, sometimes that’s not always possible. Nowadays with advances to the internet, sports fans have never been more connected and had access to so many different options like online streaming services and dedicated sports websites to keep you updated on the latest results and stats.

From the rugby world cup to grand slam tournaments all across the world, many of us can now stream our favourite sporting competitions with just a few clicks from the comfort of our homes. The advances in internet and innovation have helped transform the way we engage with the world of sport. To ensure you don’t miss a second of the action, here’s how you can optimise your at-home sporting experience.

Smart stadiums

Sydney’s Accor Stadium has recently installed the “Great Southern Screen” – the world’s longest straight-run high-definition video display.

Measuring 120 metres long and 10 metres high, the screen stretches around the entire southern end of the stadium and is the equivalent length of a football field. The super-sized screen will allow fans at the game to be immersed in live feeds, split-screen programming, fan engagement and social media chats. This will also give you the opportunity to get in on the action from home through a virtual experience.

Sporting streams

For when you can’t get to the actual game or your favourite team is playing abroad, there are a number of clever interactive options that allow you to catch all the action without leaving your home.

The growing popularity of smart TVs, which come with in-built internet connectivity, means it’s easier than ever to enjoy your dream sports stream. Whether on a TV or mobile device, sport-specific streaming services, such as Kayo, offer some cool features designed to allow fans to tailor their viewing experience. Think access to interactive statistics, the ability to hide on-screen scores so you can watch an already-completed game as though it was live, skip straight to the best bits of a match, and view up to four sports feeds simultaneously on screen.

You can even jump back to the start of a live broadcast if you tune in late.

Ready to stream your favourite sports?

From tennis to cricket, the summer of sports is officially underway. And with plenty of sporting entertainment to enjoy, you’ll want to make sure your internet set-up is optimised to enhance your viewing experience so you don’t miss out on all the action!

Remember to position your router or modem where your Wi-Fi signal can easily reach your TV. You’ll also want to check your settings to ensure you are watching the highest-quality video format your TV or device can support. To reduce the risk of buffering, ensure your internet speed plan# can support your streaming needs. For more helpful tips, visit nbn’s website or contact your internet provider.

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