Why you need baby wipes, even if you don’t have a baby

Baby wipes have so many uses.

Baby wipes have many more uses than just for cleaning babies. 

Here’s why you should have a packet on hand at all times.


Baby wipes can be great make-up removers. They are made for use on skin, so they are safe, plus they are brilliant at getting rid of mascara.


They are also great for removing make-up on clothing. If you manage to get foundation on your top, or a bit of lipstick on a collar, use baby wipes to remove the mess.  They will also remove deodorant marks too.


If you are dying your hair and get a bit of excess dye on your skin, use baby wipes to clean up the excess.


They are also great for getting rid of frizz and flyaway hair. Just wipe softly over your hair and be amazed!


Give your shoes a rub over with a baby wipe and they will clean up lovely.


Have the grandkids been visiting and left grubby marks on the floor? Even worse, it is crayon? Try baby wipes to get it off.


They are great for wiping down and cleaning electronic devices… your mobile phone or tablet, your remote controls etc. We all know how dirty they can get. 


You can also take them shopping and give the shopping trolley handles a clean down easily with them too.


Take them camping or when travelling. They are great at an airport when you need a refresher between flights, or camping when you don’t have access to a shower but need to feel cleaner.


In the car they can be used to clean the dash and seat belt straps with ease.


They are good to soak up spills too, even on your carpets.


Take them to the beach. They are great for getting rid of sand from feet and other places you don’t want it.


Do you have more uses for baby wipes?

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