We are every woman: developing your signature look

Mar 15, 2024

Developing a signature look takes time and dedication. Want to look like a corporate boss? Want to exude a feminine vibe? Prefer a more casual but charming appearance? No, none of the above – maybe you have a sporty or boho spirit?

I believe we go through different phases of style, depending on our lifestyle. Most of my life, I dressed in a glamorous corporate way which could easily shift into a business lunch or dinner event. Acquiring the basic pieces for the look proved financially advantageous as I invested in versatile skirts, pants, jackets, shirts, tops and shoes, with a tailored dress or two for a flattering mix and match work wardrobe.

However, during the weekend, I wanted to be free of that structured look and needed to feel comfortable and relaxed. So, flowing skirts and soft cotton blouses, and a pair of linen pants or jeans did the trick in summer. These items could be dressed up for a barbeque with pretty wedge heels or strappy sandals and belts. Accessorise, accessorise, right?

Ah, and then it came to evening attire. Yes, of course that little black number, be it a pants suit, jumpsuit or dress, never went out of vogue. However, at times I invested in something different; midnight blue, wine red, or bright green and even orange. White at night is still one of my favourite choices. Add silver and gold accessories, and one always feels fresh and chic.

My point? We don’t have to settle on one style to make our fashion statement. I believe we are every woman. We are girls, wives, mothers, grandmothers, silver sisters, bosses, divas, sporty, serious and fun. Expressing our mood in our appearance is emancipating, from being feminine, to seductively elegant, to being the boss.

Having reached the milestone era of sixty onwards, we have the licence to thrill our own fashion senses. Still have that gypsy skirt and matching top from years ago? Wear it! Still have a soft cotton floaty flower-power shirt? Wear it over jeans or pants for a relaxed feel. Have it loose over skinny jeans for a comfy look, add flat gold sandals perhaps, or even a heel. Want to show off a flat tummy? Tuck that floaty shirt in at the waist, have it loose at the back and add a belt, perhaps something with beads.

Tailored style will never be off the fashion menu. However, sometimes we just want to feel free and different… do I hear the strains of “This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius”? Not sure about you but I still love the sound of the 5th Dimension from the Sixties – those harmonies were sweet and far out, right? Okay, that got my mojo working, see you later as I’m going to dance like a flower child for at least 10 minutes, my workout for today, hie!

Looking at some of the fashions paraded at the recent Fashion Week events around the world, I’m so pleased to have lived through several eras of fabulous creativity in fashion. Seriously, a lot of the outrageous styles seen on the London, NY and Milan catwalks were just ridiculous! They call it art. Art is in the eye of the beholder and creating our own vibe and look for the day is creative and fun. Call it wardrobe art – and it’s wearable.

Remember those soft knits, so gossamer thin and transparent? Well, I’m still wearing my knitted pants sets and keep them in tissue paper. I now just wear a long top over the pants as I’m no longer brave enough to wear garments with my underwear showing through the fabric. Been there, done that. So, we can still be hip and cool, but we add our own individual slant to the look.

Speaking of eras, a friend recently went to the Taylor Swift Eras concert in Melbourne, where the audience represented every age group, with many concert-goers comprising three generations of women in a family. She asked me what she should wear as the grandma. I suggested flared pants, a comfy floaty top and definitely something shiny.

She was a hit in ivory pants and matching shirt, flat metalic sandals and a little sequin scarf. A classy cougar, I say, and so proud of her. Her daughter and granddaughter wore transparent clothes, mostly in black, and bling, of course. However, youngsters asked my granny friend about her outfit! She was timeless, classy and cool.

Dressing for ourselves is a generous and sensible mindset. Go forth and know you are fabulous; be confident! We are the boss of our individual style, expressing whichever woman we choose to be on any particular day.

When in doubt, start with a neutral palette, then add to it when in the mood not to be understated or monochromatic in appearance. We own us, viva sistas!

The corporate work suit never gets old (suit and top the new autumn range at Fella Hamilton); channel the modern smart-casual boho vibe with a floaty cotton blouse, beaded belt and washed straight-leg or wide-leg denim jeans; wear the boho gypsy look, go bright if in the mood; or linen is always a good idea and mixing a linen-blend knitted dress with a different shade linen shirt creates an interesting combination. Source: Provided
Wear a black blazer with jeans and a white silk shirt or white t-shirt to personify ageless cool (blazer from Australia’s Fella Hamilton); or bright colours with a versatile shirt dress, add more colour if in the mood to accessorise; glamorize a denim shirt with a bright scarf and blue linen or light blue denim pants; wear sixties-inspired relaxed glamour with a matching set which could be mixed and matched with other wardrobe items. Source: Provided
Black is always a classic and classy, day or night; add an animal print scarf to white for drama; slip dress worn with a shirt, classy seductive – go, cougars; or white on white for dinner with a satin shirt, linen pants and silver accessories to say effortless glamour. Source: Provided
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