Keep your feet warm this winter (and support cancer research) with these uniquely cheeky socks

With the cooler months ahead, you may be in the market for some new socks to keep the winter chill at bay.

And if you like to express your cheeky side every now and then, a pair of vibrant yet distinctly below-the-belt socks from the Sydney Sock Project are exactly what you need.

Homegrown social enterprise, the Sydney Sock Project, is the purveyor of some seriously fun (and cheeky) socks. They do more than cover your feet because every time you purchase a pair, a donation is made to one of their registered charities.

To date the organisation has made 175,000 donations thanks to people who love socks and who love making a difference.

Started by Andres Herrero who abandoned the nine to five as an environmental engineer in favour of pursuing his passion project, the scheme partners with select charities to make a positive social impact in areas such as bee conservation, cancer research, animal preservation, education and more.

For the naughtiest pairs, funds raised go to an array of charities responsible for raising funds for much needed cancer research. The Sydney Sock Project has already made 28,024 donations in support of cancer research across Australia.

Here are the cheekiest socks which will be the talk of the town AND make all the difference for Cancer research when you buy a pair (or two):

The Below-the-Belt, Testicle and Penis Socks – Funds raised go to the ANZUP Cancer Trials Group which raises funds for those working to combat Urogenital and Prostate Cancer.

The Boob Sock – Funds raised go towards the Alfred Foundation which supports cancer research aimed at improving patient outcomes.

The Pink Vulva and Ovary Socks – Funds raised go towards the Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation which funds research for all eight gynae cancers.

Life is too short for cold feet and if you’re looking to express your wild side and support the good work being done by Australia’s leading cancer research charities then get yourself a pair from the Sydney Sock Project today.

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