Revealed: The secret to revitalise your iron and keep clothes spotless

May 26, 2024
Don't let grimy irons sabotage your laundry efforts– follow these foolproof steps and enjoy the satisfaction of pristine clothing. Source: Getty Images.

In the pursuit of pristine laundry, the last thing you want is to inadvertently tarnish your freshly cleaned clothes. Yet, using a grimy iron on your pristine garments risks undoing the effort you’ve invested in washing and drying them.

Enter Jacqueline Stein, a professional organiser with a flair for turning homes into havens.

In a recent Instagram post on her Home Reimagined page, Stein imparted invaluable wisdom on the often-overlooked task of cleaning your trusty iron.

Stein urged her followers not to wait until unsightly marks mar their clothing before considering a cleanup.

“If you are noticing a residue or calcium build up in your clothing iron’s water tank, or rust/burn marks on your iron, it is probably time to clean it!” Stein said.

Here’s the step-by-step guide Stein shared for a foolproof iron-cleaning process:

  • Mixing together the following and pour into the irons reservoir: 1/2 – 3/4 cup distilled water and ¼ – 1/2 cup vinegar.
  • Plug in & turn your iron to a steam setting. Hold or press the steam button until you get steam flowing out of it. *This is heating up & removing limescale in the reservoir & pushing out build up in steam vents!
  • Before tuning off the iron, use some cotton swabs to remove any mineral deposits or sediment build up from the steam vents.
  • Unplug & let cool completely before emptying out remaining solution.
  • To clean the bottom (the “Soleplate”), mix together 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of water. Spread out the mixture onto soleplate. Let sit for a minute, then wipe off with a clean damp cloth.
  • Cover the ironing board with a large thick towel. Then fill the iron’s water chamber with ONLY distilled water, & turn back on.
  • Select the steam setting & run it over the thick towel. Releasing steam to push out & remove any baking soda or gunk stuck in the reservoir & steam vents.
  • Once clean, turn off and unplug the iron. Letting it cool before dumping out excess water.

Stein wasn’t done there, offering her “pro tip” for maintaining a spotless iron.

“Leave the water chamber door open, when not in use, so it can dry out better, reducing the chance of mold, mildew and build up!” she added.

The response from Stein’s audience was overwhelmingly positive, with expressions of gratitude and praise for the insightful tips she shared.

“Great tips,” one wrote in response.

“Thank you for information.”

“Perfect tips! Thanks,” commented another.

“Thanks for the info.”

Don’t let grimy irons sabotage your laundry masterpiece – follow Stein’s foolproof steps and relish the satisfaction of pristine clothing.

Please note: It is essential to exercise caution when attempting any cleaning method involving electrical appliances. Always ensure the appliance is switched off and follow proper safety protocols to minimise any risks.


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