The ‘pawfect’ organic dog treats to keep your pet happy and healthy

Feb 09, 2021
Your dog will be fighting fit with these tasty organic treats. Source: Barkley

We all know we’re supposed to fuel our bodies with a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables each day, but what about our pets’ bodies? Even when they really are our best friend, it’s easy to get into a rut of feeding them the same old canned food or treating them with artificial goodies that don’t contain much nutrition.

That’s where Barkly, an Australian company that makes dog organic treats filled with the nutrients needed to keep dogs in tip-top shape, can help. Barkly’s dog treats are free of salt, sugar, fillers, preservatives or chemical additives, toxic pesticides and artificial components that may cause tummy discomfort. And they contain organic meats, fruits, vegetables, minerals and vitamins that will strengthen your dog’s immune system.

The treats are also a good source of grains and proteins that support regular bowel movements and provide your pet with “all the fuel they need for being active and staying physical”, according to Barkly.

And your pet will almost certainly find Barkly’s snacks super-tasty because they come in flavours ranging from Banana & Peanut Butter to Kangaroo & Carrot and even Carob for a chocolatey hit! “Organic foods increase life expectancy and quality of life,” Barkly says on its site. “[They] promote interior/exterior health and weight management.”

Based on customer reviews, there are plenty of dogs gobbling down the treats within seconds.

“At first, both dogs dropped their treats straight onto the floor, but [after] one quick sniff, they gobbled them up and were instantly wanting more!” one happy dog-owner wrote on Barkly’s Facebook page. “Love that they are made of both organic and human-grade ingredients and are a healthy treat for our dogs.”

“I ordered a sample pack, which arrived today. I took them home to [my] puppy in my lunch break, we did some ‘practice’ and played fetch – I let him have a small piece of each flavour,” another satisfied customer wrote. “Safe to say he gobbled up each one and looked at me eagerly for more… I think I’ll be having to buy full-size packs in the very near future.”

Another user commented: “I received my order today. Fantastic fussy Mollie loves them. I have already ordered more. They’re just right for my shih tzu.”

Barkly treats come in 60-gram and 150-gram bags, or you can order a sample pack that contains a range of flavours for your pooch to peruse. And if you’re looking for the ‘pawfect’ treat for your pet and are tempted to let your fur child try Barkly treats, now’s a great time to do so. Use the code TREAT15 at checkout for a 15 per cent discount on your purchase!

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