Life changing! The simple cleaning hack leaving stovetops spotless

The simple, cheap and effective cleaning hack that will keep your stove sparkling clean. Source: Getty Images.

Is your greasy stovetop getting you down? According to one TikToker, there’s a revolutionary way to clean your stovetop and it’s effective, cheap, and chemical free.

Look no further than your pantry for a lemon and some baking soda for a simple, game changing solution to clean your stovetop.

TikToker Yagmur shared her stovetop cleaning hack online saying, “Show me the life hack that you randomly saw one day that is now an unconscious standard practice in your life.”

“I’ll go first.”

In the video, Yagmur provides a demonstration of her newly discovered cleaning practice. First, she pours a spoonful of baking soda over a sliced lemon. Turning it over, she uses the lemon as a sponge to scrub her electric stovetop.

After going over the stove once, she adds more baking soda and lemon juice onto the stove and cleans until the top is grease-free.

After wiping the excess with a paper towel, she reveals a spotless stovetop you’d want to eat off.

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Yagmur’s advice received mixed reviews amongst her followers with some saying she had saved their lives and others saying the hack was not practical with the price of lemons so high.

“Girl, you saved me,” one said.

“Ooh gonna try it too. Thank you.”

“Hell no, with prices on lemon.”

Others said they’d stick to their current cleaning routines.

“I use oven cleaner,” stated one person.

While others wanted to know if the cleaning hack could be used on other surfaces.

“What about on stainless steel is this fine?”

Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is incredibly versatile and has many other uses in the home.

Commonly used for baking, it can also be used as a dry shampoo. When combined with talcum powder, you can sprinkle it onto your brush and by combing through oily hair, the powder absorbs the excess oil leaving your hair feeling and looking shiny and clean.

It also makes a wonderful skin exfoliator. By combining three parts baking soda with one part water, or your usual cleanser, you have a paste that gently scrubs away stubborn blackheads, makeup, and dead skin cells. The exfoliating paste is especially good for anti-ageing.

Especially good for grandchildren to help soothe itchiness, you can also use baking soda to alleviate the symptoms of insect bites.  Simply mix one tablespoon of baking soda with water to form a paste, apply it to the affected area, leave it on for 10 minutes, and then rinse off with water.

Baking soda can also provide sunburn relief. Either pour a cup into the bath and soak away the pain or simply apply a paste directly to your skin.

It also works well as a deodoriser. A sprinkling over your cutting boards, in your dishwasher, in your bin or in your shoe cupboard will keep your home smelling fresh without the need for chemicals.


Disclaimer: Readers are advised to exercise caution when attempting the oven cleaning hacks mentioned in this article. Consult your oven’s manual for specific guidelines. The author and publisher are not liable for any mishaps, injuries, or damage resulting from improper use. Prioritise safety, and seek professional assistance if needed.

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