Daily Joke: This joke’s a gas

A girl was meeting her boyfriend’s parents for the first time. Unfortunately, she was dealing with a severely upset stomach. As they were seated at the dinner table, she had to try and release some of the crippling pressure and decided to let out a little gas quietly.

Her “little” fart resulted in a squeak audible enough that everyone at the table heard.

Their heads snapped up, and the father looked at her, then the dog lying on the floor behind her chair and said “Max”.

“This is great”, she thought. “They think it was the dog”, and everyone went back to eating.

5 minutes later the pain had returned, and she felt the need to relieve more pressure.

Without shifting she let out another fart, this one twice as loud and relieving as the last.

Everyone looked up again, and the father says “MAX!” much to her delight.

Everyone resumed eating.

Feeling much better but still not out of the woods, the girl decided to go for the gusto and completely relieve herself from the still present pain of the gastro-fiend.

Brimming with confidence, she let out an unholy ripper, all of which lasted nearly 4 seconds.

Everyone stopped eating and looked at one another.

The father put down his fork, rose from his chair, looked at the dog and shouted, “Max! For the love of God! Get away from there before she craps on you!!”

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