Daily Joke: A man hears a voice in the bathroom

Source: Getty Images.

Barry was busting to go to the toilet so he went to a public bathroom. He had barely sat down in the cubicle when he heard a voice say, “Hi, how are you?”

Feeling a little embarrassed Barry said politely: “Well, I guess I’m doing fine thank you.”

The voice then responded: “So, what are you up to?”

Barry started to become even more embarrassed, but once again he responded politely and said: “Well, just like you I’m sitting here trying to get a load off my mind.”

He then heard the voice say: “Hey can I come over?”

By this stage Barry was feeling extremely embarrassed and started to get slightly irritated too, so he snapped back: “Look, surely you understand I’m a bit busy right now!”

At this point he heard the voice say: “Jane listen, I’ll have to call you back. There’s an idiot in the next cubicle who keeps responding to all my questions!”

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