Daily Joke: A drunken grave digger

The grave digger was not in the best condition to be doing his job this night. Source: Getty Images

After his wife left him, Larry was distraught. Out driving one evening their favourite song comes on the radio. With tears streaming down his face, Larry fails to see a policeman in front of him and he hits the officer. Larry hastily gets out of the car and checks for a pulse, but there is none. He panics, picks up the policeman and puts him in the boot of his car.

Not sure about what he should do, Larry drives to the nearby cemetery. He sees a gravedigger staggering about the graveyard and drives toward him carefully.

The gravedigger is clearly inebriated, but Larry is desperate.

“Hey mate, if you bury this body with no questions asked, I’ll give you $100,” Larry says. “It’s all I have.”

The grave digger agrees. Larry unloads the body, gets back into his car and leaves the cemetery.

Shaken at this strange turn of events, he fails to notice another policeman ahead of him on a motorbike and ploughs straight into him, knocking him off his bike.

Larry needed to pull himself together. He’d really done it this time. Two police officers dead.

He puts the second officer in the boot of his car and erratically drives back to the cemetery. He had a plan.

Having finished burying the first police officer, the grave digger turned around to see the second police officer at the edge of the grave.

“What the heck! I swear I buried this guy,” he says, confused.

A police patrol car was doing the rounds and noticed the same car come and go from the cemetery twice. He decided to check what was happening.

The policeman drove to the cemetery to where the grave digger was burying the second officer.

Quietly stepping out of his car, the patrol officer approaches the grave digger.

“Excuse me, sir, what’s going on here?’ the policeman asks.

Startled the grave digger turns around and hits him on the head with a shovel. “Will you just stay dead and buried?”

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