Daily Joke: Salesman of the Year

The salesman knew exactly what to say to get this customer to buy the suit. Source: Stock Photo/Getty Images

The salesman at a local suit retailer was determined to sell a cheap suit to a reluctant customer.

“But the left trouser leg is shorter than the right,” the customer said.

“Yes, yes, but that’s why it’s so cheap, sir. All you need to do is bend the right knee a bit and no one will notice the difference.”

“But look at the two sides of the jacket, one side is two inches longer than the other?”

“No need to worry, sir. All you do is pull this side up a bit and tuck it under your chin. Now they’re equal. And remember, the suit’s very cheap, so lift up your left shoulder and then the sleeve won’t hang over your hand.”

Eventually, the customer was satisfied and bought the suit, choosing to wear it at home. As he left the shop, he passed two doctors coming in and when they saw the man limping along with his shoulder in the air and his chin tucked down on his chest, one remarked to the other, “Poor man, he’s got a terrible affliction.”

“Indeed,” agreed the other, “but they’ve managed to fit the suit perfectly.”

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