Daily Joke: The widow and her three wishes

An old widow bought an antique...

An old widow bought an antique from a shop and brought it home.

As she was polishing it up a genie burst from it and said, “You have awakened me from my slumber! I shall now grant you three wishes!”

The widow asked for a cottage in the country. The genie nodded his head, and suddenly she found herself holding the deed to a little place outside of town.

The widow then asked for enough money to be wealthy for the rest of her days. The genie nodded and suddenly they were surrounded by piles of money.

“You have one more wish,” the genie said.

The widow pointed to her pet cat and said, “Ever since my dear husband died this cat has been my faithful companion. Please, turn him into a handsome young man who will make love to me just as my husband did.”

The genie nodded and disappeared. Suddenly there was an extremely handsome young man standing where her cat used to be.

The woman gasped with joy, but the man just glared at her and said, “Well, I bet now you’re finally sorry you got me neutered.”

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