Daily Joke: The chicken farmer’s neighbour

A chicken farmer tries to be generous to his neighbour...

A chicken farmer was talking to his wife about the farmer who lives next door.

They had noticed that no matter what he planted, the crop died.

They decided to be charitable neighbours and help him out.

Next week at the feed store, they took him a big box of chicks from their chook shed.

“I figured you’re not havin’ any luck with your crops, maybe you could try raisin’ these,” the chicken farmer said.

The other farmer thanked him profusely, taking the box of chicks.

Two weeks later the chicken farmer went over to see his neighbour and asked him how the chicks were doing.

“They all died,” the neighbour said.

“Died? How?”

“I dunno, I either planted ’em too deep or too far apart…”

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