In the dog house: Dog trainer reveals the dog breeds that wouldn’t make it into his furry family

Jan 04, 2024
A Sydney dog trainer has revealed his own list of dog breeds he would never own. Source: Getty Images

With over 300 dog breeds out there in the world, man’s best friends are as varied as we are. Almost all dogs have a soft spot for people but not all breeds will actually listen to them if commanded.

It’s no secret that people who work with dogs regularly have a definite preference and aversion to certain breeds. Sydney dog trainer Elijah Boateng has revealed his own personal list of dogs that he would never own in a recent TikTok video.

@apexdogtraining DISCLAIMER: THIS IS MY OPINION AND PERSONAL PREFERENCE. I UNDERSTAND YOU MAY OWN ONE OF THESE DOGS, AND THEY MAY BE LOVELY. I HAVE TRAINED ALL OF THESE BREEDS SEVERAL TIMES, I GET IT. This is not a list of dogs you shouldn’t get, just dogs I wouldn’t own after training and looking after many. Enjoy 😊✅ #dogtrainer #dogtraining #husky #maremma #greyhound #pug #cavoodle #dogtraining #dogtrainersofinstagram #dogsofinstagram🐕 #dogoftheday ♬ original sound – Apex Dog Training

The response has been polarising but Boateng does justify his opinions based on his experience. Huskies start out his list and for good reason.

“First off, we have the husky. This is quite a stubborn dog, I don’t love the temperaments on them, they feel to me like they still need to be in the wild rather than in people’s homes,” he says.

Speaking to, Boetang expressed his fondness for all canine companions; however, he mentioned that huskies would rank at the bottom of his list when it comes to choosing a breed to own.

“I wouldn’t have one of those dogs unless my life depended on it,” he said.

“I don’t love their personalities, I train a lot of them. They make a lot of my clients’ lives very difficult… They’re not the hardest dogs in the sense that they have the biggest energy levels, but they’re the most dominant,” he explains.

Similarly, he says that Maremma Sheepdogs are not easy to train either.

“These are very serious dogs. They are not fun to train. When you train them, it feels like you’re forcing them to do stuff rather than working with them,” Boetang said.

Next up were pugs, which are definitely a divisive breed amongst owners and those who work with dogs professionally.

“And the pug is just a very silly dog. They have many health problems. I don’t look how they look. I don’t even like what they represent,” Boetang said.

While pugs are very loyal companions and some people find them cute, many veterinarians would agree with his assessment of their health. Breathing and eye issues are common amongst pugs and all of that wrinkly skin on their faces needs to be kept clean.

Cavoodles are very popular and Boetang works with a lot of them, but he says that he would never own one. He says that he dislikes their anxious temperament and finds them “annoying”, but this is due to Beotang’s preference as a trainer as he says.

Similarly, he says that he would never own a greyhound. They are great pets but as a trainer, he does not find them particularly engaging to train.

As we navigate the colorful world of 300+ dog breeds, Elijah Boateng’s doggie dislikes remind us that, just like people, our furry friends come in all shapes and temperaments. It’s a reminder that the canine world is as diverse and interesting as our own.

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