Help! I’ve got droopy earlobes!

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Every woman loves to get dressed up from time to time. You style your hair nicely, put on some make-up, slip into your swankiest new outfit, and pop in your favourite earrings to complete the look. But, there’s one problem that many face – droopy earlobes.

As with the rest of the skin on your body, the skin around the face and ears loses firmness and elasticity as you age, resulting in skin that sags and droops, particularly around the earlobes. It’s not a great look. This paired with the weight your ears have carried from beautiful looking earrings over the years makes it hard on your ears and you can become a bit self-conscious about showing them off.

Some choose to go down the path of surgery to solve the problem (by far the most drastic solution), while others swear by different natural methods to tighten the earlobes and reduce scarring.

Some say rubbing honey into your ears helps to enhance blood circulation in this region and hence promotes healing, others claim bicarbonate of soda is the go-to treatment as it apparently removes the top layer of damaged skin and promotes new cell growth.

There’s also been talk of effervescent tablets helping with droopy earlobes to reduce scarring. People crush up a tablet and add a small amount of water to create a paste which they then rub into their ears. If you don’t fancy trying out these various suggestions, we know of another handy item that could do the trick instead.

The Dangle Dots Support Patches claim to help support those with damaged or stretched earlobes to wear their favourite dangly (and likely heavy) earrings once again. They are said to provide instant relief from pressure and tearing and are super easy to apply. All you have to do is place one of the dots at the back of the earlobe over the centre of the hole. Then insert an earring through the ear hole with your thumb covering the Dangle Dot patch and gently pierce through the patch with the earring. Finish by adding your earring backing.

It might not sound like much, but there’s a heap of people who are raving about these little patches and over the moon that they can finally wear their favourite earrings again without any discomfort.

“These tiny little dots are simply amazing,” one person said in a review. “I’ve been able to wear earrings I’ve avoided for ages because they hurt my ears! Now they’re back in the rotation with no pain at all. I’ve been singing their praises to everyone!”

While another wrote: “I had not been able to wear gorgeous drop earrings for years now due to a ripped ear. That was until I discovered these amazing gems. Dangle Dots now allow me to wear what I have been longing to wear for years. They are easy to use and a cost-effective product. Love them!”

You can purchase these handy little products on the Starts at 60 Marketplace. And if you really want to treat yourself, why not buy some new earrings while you’re at it? There’s a big range of absolutely beautiful Ruby Olive pieces available on the website as well.

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Do you suffer from droopy earlobes? Has it stopped you from wearing your favourite earrings?

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