The people have spoken! Australia’s top laundry powders revealed

Aug 13, 2021
The best laundry powders have been revealed. Source: Getty

On the hunt for the best laundry powder? Canstar Blue has crunched the numbers and ranked Australia’s best laundry powders, and one popular discount retailer has cleaned up the competition!

To do this, the comparison website surveyed more than 1,000 Australian consumers for their feedback on the laundry detergents they bought and used in the last three months. Respondents scored brands on cleaning quality, feel of clothes post-wash, scent, packaging design environmental friendliness, value for money and overall satisfaction.

Perhaps unsurprising, German discount retailer Aldi has taken out the top spot with its Almat laundry powder. It rated best with a five-star review for quality of clean, scent, packaging design, value for money and overall satisfaction. It got four stars everywhere else. The best part is, a 2 kilogram pack will only set you back $5.29!

Aldi Amat. Source: Aldi

Meanwhile, Radiant’s laundry powder came in at second place, earning five-star reviews for quality of clean, feel of clothes post-wash, scent and packaging design. It ended on four stars for overall satisfaction and in the remaining areas. The laundry powder is usually sold in 1.8kg, 2kg or 4kg packs, costing between $9.75 and $24.

Aldi took out third place with its Trimat laundry powder. Aldi Trimat earned four stars across all categories, including for quality of clean, value for money and overall satisfaction. A 1.5kg pack retails for $5.79.

Popular brands Duo and Fab rounded out the top five. Coles Ultra came in at number six, earning four-star reviews in most categories, such as quality of clean, feel of clothes after wash and overall satisfaction. It got three stars for scent. A 2kg pack will set you back $6.50.

Omo’s laundry powder followed closely behind, receiving four stars for the majority of categories, including quality of clean, feel of clothes after wash, scent, packaging design and overall satisfaction. It go three stars for value for money and environmental friendliness.

Cold Power, Biozet Attack and Surf rounded out the top 10, while Coles’ laundry powder in ‘Tropical Paradise’ came last in eleventh place. The laundry powder earned four stars for value for money and three stars everywhere else, including quality of clean, scent and overall satisfaction.

“It’s quite remarkable that the same brand has won every single category in this year’s research,” Canstar Blue’s Home and Lifestyle editor, Megan Birot said.

“This doesn’t mean that there’s brand loyalty though since over half the respondents admitted they don’t always use the same brand of laundry products.

“Consumers are bound to keep trying different brands since laundry products get used so often, with the average Aussie spending about $17 to $18 dollars monthly on laundry.”

Do you use any of these laundry powders?

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