30 creative ideas to celebrate your 60th birthday

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A 60th Birthday should be something fun, exciting and totally you! If you’re planning your own 60th celebrations (as many of you 59ers are!) or if you’re planning a bash for your younger siblings or friends, here’s some inspiration for you!

These are the fabulous birthday celebrations as had by members of the Starts at 60 community… There’s no two the same and some are things we wouldn’t have dreamed of, so get creative and enjoy!

After you’ve read through them tell us, what did you do? If you had to plan a celebration for another nearly 60, what would you plan? Tell us in the comments below! 

1. Helen Williams:  I turned 60 last January. As my husband had left me two years before, I didn’t want a party as that might have been awkward for my kids. Instead I used my normal 3days off work and ran away to New Zealand and spent my actual birthday at Hobbiton as I am a bit of a fantasy nut and I loved The Lord of the Rings movies and books. Best thing I could have done and wasn’t that expensive. Nothing wrong with running away from home 🙂

2. Dianne Forrester:  My family arranged for around 30 family and friends to meet together at a well known hotel. We had a private room and they also arranged for a harp player to entertain us during our meal (my husband makes harps). There was also a special meal arranged at an earlier time with workmates who gave me a big bag full of ‘old people’s stuff’ e.g. incontinence pads, Senior’s card applications, containers for multiple pills etc. – hilarious at the time but a different story as I get older!

3. Judy Jahnke:  We had a party at the local club for my 60th and then surprised everyone with our Wedding after being together for 17 years. It was the best Birthday ever.

4. Carol Chapman Lawson Mobbs: On a cruise from Hawaii to Sydney via Tahiti …..crossed the international dateline on my birthday so it didn’t exist!

5. Christine Feltham:  Went shopping to the coast with my daughter & grandchildren. We had a great day. My Oldest grandaughter (who was born on the same day as myself) commented on the way home “That was the best day Grandma” She was 12 at the time and that comment really made my day more special.

6. Robyn Affleck: I got married for my 60th birthday, a big wedding with all our family and friends. We had both had small home weddings first time round, so this time we said we would have a grand wedding. I was a white bride I had my grandchildren in the bridal party, my son gave me away and my daughter was my matron of Honor. My husbands family lived overseas but his sister was his best-man. We had a beautiful wedding cake and a second beautiful leopard handbag 60th birthday cake. It was on Boxing Day 2010. What a beautiful 60th.

7. Kaylene Gerster: 4 days at Ularu…formal dinner under stars…..with a group of friends

8. Jean Davis: I am currently on my 60th birthday trip. Going round the world with stops in UK, Vermont, Las Vegas, San Francisco, cruise around the Hawaiian Islands, Sydney then home to Perth. Loving every minute.

9. Theresa Seeley: I rented a mansion by the beach that was large enough to accommodate my children and grandchildren for the weekend. I then invited a few carefully selected friends and extended family members, to call in anytime on the Saturday day and evening to share some champagne and nibblies. It was a fabulous weekend spent with the people who meant the most to me.

10. Kerry Ferrari: By having a 6th birthday with fairy bread etc.

11. Carole Sullivan: My partner went on the fishing trip he had planned for 2 years, just happened to coincide with my 60th. I had the best girls night out, about about 25 of us! I can remember drinking shooters at 1:30am. Hope can do it again on my 70th!

12. Julie Burgess: Beautiful French restaurant dinner then a marriage proposal. Memorable and wonderful.

13. Christine Love: My daughters shouted me my first tattoo. Then we Went out to dinner with my family and friends then went back to my daughters place for a bonfire.

14. Anneke de Groot: Went to zoodoo in Richmond in Tassie. My brother came over as a surprise from Queensland. My family had arranged a meet and greet with four beautiful lion cubs for my brother (whose birthday was the day before mine) and I, it was wonderful. The night before I went out with family and friends for tea.

15. Ollie Ashdown: With a dinner for 25… AND 97 TURNED UP! I thought the T&C restaurant manager was going to faint.

16. Vikki Cheeseman: My husband gave me a surprise party. My daughter kept me out all day, plying me with champagne and then drove me home… uh oh, surprise! I’m not ungrateful, but that won’t happen again!

17. Robyn Hall: I had masquerade party with family and friends lots of fun …We had the venue in a function room overlooking the river and parklands. Lots of 60th balloons, put on by my Daughter and son in law….Had a fabulous time!!

18. Helen Fenton: My best friend, who also has the same birthday as me. And I booked ourselves onto an 11 day pacific cruise. We started off with an overnight stay and dinner at the Wentworth Hotel in Sydney where we were treated like royalty. We had a fabulous time and made our sons feel incredibly guilty because as usual they had failed to plan anything.

19. Judy Ralph: Went to Kuranda for the weekend with my husband, two sons and daughter and daughter in law and son in law and five wonderful grandchildren xxx was wonderful and they arranged a photographer to take photos on the day thanks everyone.

20. Jenny Franks: I had a 1950″s party for my 60th and now my grandkids want to have a party just like that every year. It was such a great night and a great venue. Benietos Mornington.

21. Janet Millar: My children surprised me with a tandem skydive which terrified me at first but once out of the plane was the thrill of a lifetime. We landed on the beach at Townsville and was watched by family and friends at a nearby restaurant where I enjoyed a lovely celebratory breakfast.

22. Lynda Lea: Went to Hamilton Island with my wonderful husband and best friend and her hubby and on my 60th birthday, flew in a helicopter over the Great Barrier Reef. A wonderful day.

23. Gail Hadfield: I was organizing a big party with lots of friends but my beautiful children had organized a surprise party for the weekend before. It was a great night

24. Maryann Zawieruszynski: Elton John Concert – 11th row – Awesome 60th Birthday!!!

25. Rosslynne St Quintin Macrae-Bass: Mum turned 90 and I was 60 same date had great 60″s themed party what a blast. Mum wore the dress she wore in 1978

26. Yvonne Duncanson: My husband and I spent a weekend at Lake House, Daylesford, Vic. Then later a small dinner for close friends and family. Beautiful and very special to me.

27. Renee Meskin: Lunch at a beautiful winery near Ocean Grove surrounded by my family! Amazing!!!!

28. Deborah Drinan: Last year had my 60th, flew to London, spent time with my family. Then across to Paris for the French Open. Then flew to Athens and 3 weeks in the Greek Islands, travelling with my darling son. 6 weeks of great fun, being spoilt and the best birthday ever. I am truly blessed.

29. Cheryl Thomson: My husband was overseas so our daughters organised a surprise day. Invited my close girlfriends to my place for a body or face massage each, manicure, high tea and then in the evening with them, their partners and more friends, had a fantastic Japanese meal. (And my husband skyped on the day!). It was a just fantastic.

30.  Cate Masterson: I celebrated my 60th in Kenya, my husband & I were there to attend a wedding & our daughter was bridesmaid at the wedding. The bride & her husband & both sides of their families organised my special dinner at popular restaurant “Carnivores” the beautiful staff sang happy birthday to me, it was an amazing night…


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