10 ways to live life to the fullest after 60

Sep 11, 2014

Turning 60 is a milestone that we love to celebrate. But how do we take that happy moment into the years that follow turning 60 and live life to the fullest?

By doing more of the following things, you will smile, laugh, love life and yourself, just like you should.




1. Make an effort to make some new friends that will put a smile on your face

If you are looking around and feeling a little lonely, or just want some new fun in your life, there are plenty of ways you can step out to find some new friends that will make you laugh… Seek out a club or group that has a culture that looks like fun to you… maybe the Red Hat ladies in your area look like fun, or the local Mens’ Shed, or you might consider Probus, Rotary or a local volunteering group like Surf Lifesavers or Coastguard.  Ring up, find out what they have coming up and get involved.

2. Arrange special moments with an old friend

Have you rung up and old friend lately and suggested to catch up for a good old chat?  There’s nothing like reminiscing the old times with someone special to you… Anything from a winery trip, to a weekend in a local cabin, a camping and fishing adventure, or a bushwalking weekend can give you an opportunity to reconnect and reminisce.

3. Conquer your greatest fear

What your greatest fear in life that you feel an urge to conquer? Are you scared of heights?  Terrified of sharks?  Or afraid of people telling you your writing isn’t good?  Well, there is no time like the present for putting those fears to bed.  Take

If you’re scared of heights, go and skydive, or at least challenge yourself to new heights.  If you’re scared of sharks, seek out your local aquarium and swim with some.  If you’re scared of sharing your writing, join a writers group or become an online blogger by submitting an article to a publication. Conquering your fear will be an achievement like no other and it sure is one story you’ll love sharing with your friends!

4. Tick off your bucket list destinations

We all have some destinations that are on our bucket list… India, Paris, Machu Picchu or Tassie are just a couple of the popular ones. If you can afford it, why not take the trip of a lifetime and travel abroad while you’re in the mindset of living well. There are so many ways to travel now and with careful planning you can see the world on a budget and tick off your bucket list items. Plan a retirement trip and do everything you’ve always dreamed of.

5. Smile and give out more compliments

Sometimes, all it takes to change someone’s day is a smile and a nice word. Smiling is infectious, as is a good mood and there’s no better way to share the love than giving out compliments people deserve. It is one of the simplest things you can do but you’ll be amazed at how happy it makes you feel. Try giving at least five compliments every single day and spread the happiness.

6. Do something for someone or something else every week

Something small like planting trees, cleaning up the local park or reading books to children at schools and hospitals can be incredibly enriching and rewarding. Even if you are short on time, give just a little bit of your time every week to something greater and more in need than yourself. If you’re not sure where to start, make contact with the local charity shops, church, hospital or school to make some connections and see where you can start helping.

7. Only exercise with a smile on your face and your friends by your side

An over 60 friend once said that unless she has a smile on her face and good friends by her side, she refuses to exercise no matter how good it is for her health. And it is quite a nice message. We all do our best to keep fit and healthy but don’t forget to make it fun. There’s a bigger chance you’ll do it more often if you can do it with a smile. Get your friends together and enjoy a walk, a yoga class or some laps at the local pool for some healthy fun.

8. Take time out to treat yourself

Do you love sitting on a blanket under a tree, reading your favourite novel with a cup of tea in a park? Do you love having your nails done? Do you love treating yourself to a delicious bakery treat? Whatever your favourite “me time” is, you should do it more often. The little things make us the happiest so try and schedule and hour or two just for yourself every week.

9. Embrace life long learning

Lifelong learning doesn’t just take up time; it keeps your mind and body healthy and is a great way to challenge yourself while you go. There are so many options to help you learn like trying a free online course or even completing a university degree as many over 60s have done. The university of the third age is another great way to keep learning, find out if there is one set up in your local area and join in new classes.

10. Celebrate every birthday in a big way

It can be so much fun treating every birthday like a big deal. Celebrate in style and celebrate with your family and friends. It doesn’t have to be about you, it becomes a celebration of your life and the people in it. It’s also a great way to make sure you see everyone every year. Do different things like a picnic lunch, a dinner out with friends and family a brunch at home or organise everyone to meet at the local park for a picnic.

This article was sponsored by Apia. It was prepared by an independent Starts at 60 writer specifically for over 60s. We bring you this article to share insights into what we feel is relevant and interesting to our community. Apia is all about championing over 50s living life at their best. For more information on how Apia can reward your experience click here.  

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