Judith Lucy leaves Project hosts blushing with raunchy mammogram story

She once performed a comedy show alongside Denise Scott and Judith Lucy has left the stars of The Project in fits of laughter with her hilarious mammogram story. Source: Facebook.com/TheProjectTV

She’s toured Australia alongside Denise Scott with their Disappointments comedy show and comedian Judith Lucy stopped by The Project on Thursday night to talk about her new stand-up show about being single.

The show’s panel was curious to know whether the 50-year-old had been thinking about men at all since becoming single and it didn’t take long for the conversation to take a naughty turn.

The Sapphires star explained that something rather awkward happened when she had a mammogram recently.

“Which is obviously a very important thing to do, have the breasts x-rayed and I had a moment where I found myself thinking: ‘I haven’t been thinking about men’ because to be frank, my nipple hair was impressive.”

Gorgi Coghlan burst into fits of laughter, while Waleed Aly looked less than impressed.

“Maybe I’ve said too much but to be honest with you, I could’ve done a shampoo commercial with it,” Judith continued to roars of laughter from the studio audience. “It was that sort of thick and lustrous. Forget man buns, I could have had a couple of little areola buns.”

An uncomfortable Waleed tried his best to move the conversation along but the comedian had plenty more funny moments in store. Meanwhile, host Rachel Corbett questioned whether Judith had any offers from audience members, given her show is all about how single she is.

“I have, actually,” the star admitted. “I’ve had a couple of interesting ones.”

She revealed a 73-year-old man phoned a radio station and said he would happily sleep with her.

“Sleeping with me might be the last thing Alan [name of the man who phoned the radio station] ever does,” Judith joked. “But what a way to go and what a beautiful offer from him.”

She also said a man from South Australia named Cameron made a similar offer, but that he’d been celibate for 15 years.

“Obviously, a very moving offer. It would just be great to know whether the celibacy was Cameron’s idea, or the rest of the world,” she added.

During the chat, Judith admitted to paying more than $600 to sleep with a male escort when she was younger and hinted that she could entertain the idea again. She also said that she wouldn’t use dating apps such as Tinder to find a partner.

Viewers at home couldn’t get enough of Judith’s hilarious appearance.

One person said: “Very funny lady”.

Another comment read: “Love her honesty she is my all time favourite comedian – refreshingly honest and brutally funny.”

A third added: “As a kid, I found Judith hard to take, but I was a huge and super- embarrassed prude. I’ve got a new appreciation for her humour as an adult.”

In addition to her stand-up, Judith has been popular across the country for appearing in a number of radio shows, TV shows and movies over the years.

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