Here’s why Audible is your new best friend and a must for 2022!

Dec 26, 2021
Audible brings you the best new audiobooks, podcasts and access to the Plus Catalogue. Image: Getty

By Kerry Heaney

Dive into some of the best new audiobooks and podcasts with Audible, and you’ll transport yourself to a different world.  It doesn’t matter if you are walking the dog, preparing dinner or just relaxing with a cuppa. An audiobook takes your mind off the present and into the moment.  You’ll become absorbed by the story and enjoy the diversion from everyday life.

With Audible you’ll also have the added benefit of hearing your favourite authors narrate their own stories. It’s like a chat with an old friend where you do all the listening!

Audible’s free 30-day trial offers the perfect opportunity to try before you buy if you are new to audiobooks.  If you are not hooked by the trial’s end, I will be surprised!

How it works

You’ll never be stuck for your next great book with the thousands of best sellers and new releases, and the vast Plus Catalogue at your disposal.

Choosing an audiobook is just like browsing for a book or searching through the shelves of your favourite bookstore – except with Audible you don’t have to worry about finding more space on your book shelf!  The covers are all there, and a simple click allows you to listen to an audio sample.  If you don’t have something in mind, there are plenty of top listens and best sellers suggestions. In addition, each book has listener reviews, so you can easily pick one to suit your style.

As an Audible member, every month you’ll receive a credit that can be used to download any title, and you can also purchase additional titles for $14.95 or less.

Listen anywhere, anytime

One of the things I like most about audiobooks is that they are so handy.  I use the Audible app on my phone using cordless earphones to listen during my morning walk. When I am driving, I stream the words through the car speakers.  If you are caught in traffic or waiting for an appointment, your book makes the time enjoyable, not wasted.

If you don’t want to use earphones, Audible also works on Alexa. Just ask her to start your audiobook. Of course, you can also listen to the books on your PC or on Sonos speakers. However, for me, nothing beats the total immersion of listening through earphones.

This app is designed to never lose your place, and you can adjust the listening speed to find the pace that suits you.  I particularly like the sleep timer feature, which means if you fall asleep while listening to your book, it will stop at the end of the chapter or when you specify.

Famous voices

Hearing famous people reading their life stories is like sitting down for a fireside chat with someone you feel you know. You’ve followed their public life, but now you get to hear the other side, the real tale from their own lips.  Start with Michelle Obama, Will Smith, Ron Howard and Clint Howard, or Matthew McConaughey sharing the stories from their fascinating lives.

Huge choice of titles

It’s not all just fiction either. With 23 categories covering everything from business and wellness to history and money, the choice of titles is enormous. So whether you want to be entertained by a gripping story or pick up some new skills, there is an audiobook for you.

Get into podcasts

If you haven’t already discovered podcasts, explore Audible’s collection, especially the Audible Originals that you can’t find anywhere else.  There are excellent listens in all categories, including short stories, true crime, and some really amusing comedy stand up episodes.

Tedious tasks become attractive

Have you ever felt the urge to clean more windows, iron more clothes or weed more garden beds?  I don’t mind household chores, but I find them a little boring, except when I listen to an audiobook. I just plug in my earphones, tune into my latest title, and the tasks just roll by.  I have even put a little more time into some jobs to discover what happens next.  Your eyes are busy, but your mind is free to listen.

Never alone when you have a story to enjoy

Sometimes we all need to get away from life’s constant flurry.  That’s when a deep dive into an audiobook can really save your sanity.  Just take a break from everything with a relaxing listen, and you’ll feel much better.  I do!

Try it for free

Start your 30-day free trial by signing up at audible.com.au. Choose your free audiobook and download the app.  The book will then be waiting in your library. You also have access to the Plus Catalogue, which includes thousands of Audible Originals, podcasts and audiobooks.

 (T&Cs apply: Audible is $16.45/month after 30 days. Renews automatically. Cancel anytime.)

Audible membership

As an Audible member, enjoy a monthly credit to buy any title you like, as well as access to the Plus Catalogue and exclusive member-only deals.
$16.45/mo after 30 days. Cancel anytime.

Try Audible free

Have you tried listening to an audiobook?

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