Andre Rieu reveals secret to loving 40-year marriage to wife Marjorie

Andre Rieu has been married for more than 40 years. Source: Getty (left) and My Music, My Life / André Rieu Productions (right).

He is known for his breathtaking and passionate performances on stage with his Johann Strauss Orchestra, but for legendary musician Andre Rieu, it doesn’t compete with his love for his wife of 43 years, Marjorie.

The 68-year-old Dutch violinist and conductor juggles spending quality time with his wife, children and grandchildren with his hectic schedule travelling the world with his orchestra – and he has now revealed exactly how he does it and his secret to his blissful happiness with Marjorie, four decades on.

Speaking in an exclusive chat with Starts at 60, Rieu revealed it’s his and his wife’s “100 per cent mutual trust” that helps them remain so content together, as well as “sharing the same sense of humour and giving your partner every freedom he or she desires”.

He added: “When you know and realise that you’re able to trust your partner, then you can be confident everything is okay. We have been working together also now for more than 40 years and we love the same things.

“Most people tend to forget it, but it is so important to enjoy life and to laugh. In Holland, we have a nice saying: ‘Not having laughed one day, is not having lived that same day.’ I completely agree!”

Andre Rieu with his wife and kids. Source: My Music, My Life / André Rieu Productions.
Andre Rieu with his wife and kids. Source: My Music, My Life / André Rieu Productions.

While he often spends lengthy amounts of time away from home, Rieu has managed to ensure he still sees a lot of his family.

Asked how he juggles spending quality time with his wife and loved ones alongside his work, he said: “Of course, whenever there is the opportunity, we have our chit-chats and scribbles via Facetime or Skype; it’s such a nice and quick way to keep contact with your loved ones at home whom I affectionately call ‘my small family’ (i.e. my wife, children and grandchildren).

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“There is also a ‘big family’, the nickname of my orchestra members who are all very dear to me. Since we tour a lot together throughout the year, we share, obviously, also a lot of things. Laughter, sad moments, home sickness, joy… everything!”

The musician married language teacher Marjorie in 1975 and they have gone on to work together, with her writing many compositions over the years. They have two sons, Marc and Pierre, and five grandchildren.

Marjorie rarely appears in public with her husband and reportedly once said in a past interview that she doesn’t wish to be defined by her husband. However, she has remained one of the music star’s biggest supporters.

According to Rieu’s fan site and blog the Harmony Parlour, Marjorie once told The New Post in an interview: “We love each other and we share our passion for music. What more can I want?”

Andre Rieu is touring round Australia throughout November this year. You can see his full schedule and buy tickets on his official website here

Are you a fan of Andre Rieu? Have you enjoyed a long marriage like him? What’s your secret?

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