July's astrological forecast: Claiming your own

What's in store this month?

Empowerment. We’ve all heard the term, used it and aspired to it, but may not fully understand what it represents for us personally. In a nutshell, it means building our mental, emotional, physical and  spiritual strength – and it all starts with self belief. This is the month to claim greater personal strength and develop further confidence in yourself and what you can accomplish!

Claiming your own means being aware of your feelings, needs, wishes and desires. It’s knowing that you have unique and specific gifts, talents and insights to show and share – and then standing, with confidence, in your own power to express them. It is realising that within you is a magical force, enabling you to make any dream come true. This is your time – claim it as your own and achieve what you envision as yours.

July is the month to “empower-up” and claim your own – to believe in yourself and move forward in manifesting your individual abilities, self expression and creativity! The Astrological energies for this month encourage us to embrace a stronger, more determined and confident part of ourselves – putting into place building blocks for greater rewards! What can YOU look forward to in the weeks ahead? Here’s your need-to-know Motivational Astrology forecast for July:

The month begins with Venus going into Gemini on the 5th. This emphasises heart-felt expression! As the planet ruling creativity, affection and enjoyment moves into the sign of communication, we are urged to express our thoughts and feelings with greater flair and wit! For the next three weeks we’ll be focused on sharing similar feelings regarding values, artistry and attraction – while connecting with new love interests and stimulating friendships!

On the 6th of July, Mercury goes into Leo, highlighting creative self expression. We are better able to share our thoughts, views of life, philosophies and individual knowledge with others! This begins a new cycle of utilising our creative knowledge, dramatic ideas and enthusiastic insights to advance our lives and celebrate our connections with others. It’s a great time to get social, go with your gut and dare to be recognised for the sparkling spirit that YOU are!

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July’s Full Moon occurs in Capricorn on 9 July. The focus at this time is on supportive structures. Build stronger foundations now by cutting out the cumulative clutter, time robbers and the money wasters. This starts an ideal Lunar cycle for sorting your stuff, getting back on track with budgets and details while empowering yourself with greater organisation and taking charge of your life.

Mars, the planet of action and energy, moves into Leo, the sign representing confidence and self love on the 21st. We’re now given the opportunity to express our personal wants and needs in a more forthright fashion! Our self orientation is the focus now, helping us to show more outgoing expression, greater vitality and dramatic self assurance! For the weeks ahead we’re encouraged to step out of our safety nets in order to advance our dreams, embark on new creative endeavours and implement empowering projects.  

By the 23rd, the Sun goes into Leo, heralding a new phase of greater self confidence, creativity, enjoyment and expression! This is a time to shine in who you are and what you do – while adding some drama and excitement in how you do it! As you allow you to be YOU, greater courage and confidence will be rewarded. Respecting your talents, applauding your accomplishments and emphasizing your gifts now, brings you the appreciation, validation and recognition that you seek! Allow your inner Lion to roar in celebration of the marvelous individual that you are!

Also on the 23rd, July’s New Moon in Leo helps us to ignite our inner flame! A fortunate new cycle unfolds, helping us to feel emotionally stronger and more determined in creating the future we want! Leo inspires creativity, confidence and courage that emerge from the heart of one’s Self. This is an ideal time to set intentions that re-energize your inner creative muse and that grow your personal power. Start implementing small actions today that signal to your beautiful self that you are committed to your goals.

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Lastly, on the 26th of July, Mercury goes into the sign of Virgo. This assists us in having a keener eye for seeing more of the fine points and intricacies of our lives! It’s an ideal time to organise, clean up and plan out our personal goals and improve ways of self expression. As the communication planet moves into the practical and methodical vibe of Virgo, we commence a new cycle of productivity with keener clarity of what’s important in our world.

Jubilant July to all those at Starts at 60!

By GiGi Astro Sosnoski: Keep Looking Up! Ltd. / Positive Skies Ltd.