Fashion without limits: The style potential of big shirts

Nov 24, 2023
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The planet is in turmoil, the world is choosing sides in war, and too many of us are feeling a tad overwhelmed by so much, with most of it simply beyond our comprehension.

However, what I have found on this fashion style journey over the past few years is a tribe of women supporting each other in the most incredible way around this challenged little planet of ours.

How do we deal with it all? We turn within, find our happy places in our minds, we spend time with people we adore and who love us right back, and, last, but certainly never least, we get creative with our wardrobes. It’s therapy!

During a recent chat with a lovely artist, who is also a qualified chef returning to her first love of creating beautiful art and teaching after achieving her MBA years after starting a family, we agreed, what we wear is an expression of ourselves, and it is an extension of us on any given day. We dress for us! I say, “amen to that, sisters!”

Spring has finally arrived and in some regions, it seems summer arrived earlier, yet, with some scattered cooler days, when knitwear or jackets are just too much but we need that light extra layer for comfort, the big shirt is forgiving and hides a multitude of sins, whilst affording us the opportunity to highlight whatever we wish in an outfit.

Of course, with winter perhaps having dragged on a little too long and our love of comfort food being tested to the hilt, many of us might also seek that extra layer to hide a few curves we acquired in the process. Ha, do I hear someone saying they always need that extra layer to hide a few unwanted curves? You are not alone, sister! Think of it as more of you to be loved…

Fear not, as never has the saving grace of the big shirt been more evident and available to cover up, or simply to style with, immaterial of our body shape, than now.

Suddenly, those tight-fitting little silky numbers don’t seem so appealing but don’t discard them as they still work under a big shirt and with many treasured items in our closet, especially high-waisted skirts, and pants.

However, we are focusing on the versatility, comfort, and chic style of the big shirt. I remember when we wore a loose tie with a big shirt, tapping into our androgynous fashion side in the late eighties!

That look never goes out of individual style, but I tend to favour mixing it up, making that big masculine shirt look as if it was made just for women by adding a little sexy camisole underneath, or, perhaps, if you are so inclined, show a little cleavage. If you’ve got it, offer a glimpse just to show a good woman with curves will never be a shrinking violet. Own it, gorgeous!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to a big shirt. Want to cover up for the beach? Wear a big shirt over your swimmers. Going for an alfresco lunch or dinner but want a little cover, enter the big shirt! Wear it over a dress or skirt, or pants, and just add some bling sandals and accessories. It looks chic and effortless. I call it my nonchalant style. Just have fun and go with what makes you feel fabulous.

So, here are some ideas in pictures to play around with. Express yourself, have fun, and get creative to embrace your individual style. Playing with colour is an added luxury and with the current colour palette ranging from muted tones to bright and breezy, we have free rein to rock our own style!

A soft big blue shirt tucked in to accentuate the waist, or wear it loose for comfort as it’s more forgiving. Source: Provided.
A big white shirt worn with a wide belt, and gathered at the back for added detail. Source: Provided.
A navy linen shirt dress worn as a coat for loose comfort, and belted over skinny pants for some diva attitude. Source: Provided.
A floral shirt dress worn as a coat over pants, which could be belted or not, depending on your body type and mood. Source: Provided.
Add a camisole under the big white shirt and some bling shoes for a relaxed, comfy look with glamour, or simply wear the shirt loose over pants for a nonchalant, yet feminine look. Source: Provided.
Wear a shirt dress over a bathing costume, ideal for a pool party too. Source: Provided.
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