Why burnt toast could be disastrous for your health

If you’re reading this over breakfast, you might want to keep a closer eye on the toaster – that extra

If you’re reading this over breakfast, you might want to keep a closer eye on the toaster – that extra minute of overcooking could be putting your long-term health could be at stake.

It turns out that overcooking your bread, among other commonly grilled or roasted foods, could lead to a significantly higher risk of- you guessed it – cancer.

In fact, according to The Age, many burnt foods – even crispy roast potatoes – contain “worryingly high” levels of a notorious cancer-causing toxin.

Britain’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) recently completed a study measuring the amount of acrylamide – the offending toxin – inside foods such as chips, roast potatoes and toast.

They discovered that the more burnt the bread was – or the crispier the potato or chip  – the higher the level of acrylamide.

The organisation’s chief scientific advisor suggested that bread should be toasted to “the lightest colour acceptable”, and the potatoes only to “a light golden colour”.

That extra minute could make all the difference. Researched showed that the crispiest toast contained around 19 times more acrylamide than lightly toasted bread.

For potatoes, overcooking could increase the quantity of this harmful substance by up to 80 times.

Does this discovery make you rethink your breakfast habits? How much do you cook your toast or potatoes? 

    • My Dad lived to 80 and ate burnt toast every day, the way he liked it and guess what, he didn’t die of cancer

  1. OMG, my toast was burnt yesterday. Shock, horror, must I now live in fear. Please, must we have these post

    • Don’t think I’ll bother Brian. As mentioned in another reply my Dad ate his toast burnt by choice and died at 80 but not of cancer.

  2. I have spent years perfecting crispy roast potatoes, will I now have to perfect making pasty spuds.

    • Nope, keep going. Maybe you could share your trick. I manage most time but even though I cook them the same way, at least I think so, sometimes they are just “not right”.

    • I take them out of the roasting pan and put them on a pizza tray and turn the oven on high for five minutes or so, works every time.

  3. Oh come on this so called “discovery” was talked about over 25 years ago have we got new bunch of graduates who think they have come up with something new.Haven’t they something better to do?

  4. This is old news. Years ago they said the same thing. How on earth are you supposed to adhere to what these so called experts are saying we should be eating or not eating. There’s just too much so called advice out there. If we took notice of everything bad that was said about food we’d be eating grass like the animals. But then they’d be telling you what sort of grass you could eat. We are not animals. We are not stupid. We will eat what we like so stop the scare mongering. Sigh!

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