Radio legend John Laws’s wife battling cancer

John Laws’s wife, Caroline, is said to be in ‘poor health’ after being diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. The

John Laws’s wife, Caroline, is said to be in ‘poor health’ after being diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.

The diagnosis has come as a shock for the family, and a family friend revealed to The Daily Telegraph that they are still coming to terms with it.

The news comes 65 year after the pair found love together and as they celebrate 40 years of marriage.

The 81-year-old radio legend said it was “love at first sight” when he and Caroline first met however, as a promising ballerina Caroline moved to London to pursue her career and when she returned John had established himself on the air.

“As soon as she came back into my life that was it, she was the woman and we’ve been together ever since,” he told The Australian Women’s Weekly in December 1976.

He often referred to his wife as ‘The Princess’ during his talkback radio show on 2UE.

The Daily Telegraph says Caroline had not experiencing any symptoms of cancer when it was discovered by her doctors during a routine check up in June.

The man with the golden mic is said to be devastated at his wife’s declining health, as you would expect, and it has only been in recent weeks that the Laws’ have been informing their closest friends.

Do you have any messages of support for John and Caroline Laws? Have you cared for a loved one with cancer? Share your thoughts with us.

  1. Lorraine Gower  

    I am a 7 year Survivor of Breast Cancer& my advice to you both is to stay positive & accept the love from your Family & friends because this helps you immensely
    Good luck on your Journey
    Happy endings xoxo

  2. Gail Raad  

    I’m really so sorry to hear this awful news…very sad and I really feel for John and his family. I listen to his radio show and he has so much love & respect for his Princess, it’s so beautiful to listen to him when he speaks of her, he adores her and isn’t ashamed to show it……I hope he and his Princess can get through this.

  3. Sharon Buxton  

    It is extremely scary when you are first told you have breast cancer, especially if you have been feeling well. Once you get over the shock and you start treatment, you realise how good, kind and skilled the doctors and nurses are and you gain hope and confidence. I wish you every success in your treatment.

  4. I am so sad to hear of your wife’s (“The Princess,”) illness Mr Laws, I loved listening
    to your talk back shows everyday, for years, when you were on air, bought your books and even
    saw you in person in Brisbane., totally missed your sessions once you retired from radio…
    And the song, theme tune….. ” Sometimes I cry, sometimes I fly like a bird.”
    Here’s wishing “The Princess,” a speedy recovery and sending all our love, prayers, strength
    and blessings to you both and your family, as we say in Aotearoa, ….. Kia ora!!!
    AND …… AROHANUI X. Joy

  5. Maree Adams  

    Hello to Caroline and John and those closest to you, I have just spent a week in Sydney Adventist diagnosed unexpectedly with lung cancer in the right lung, middle lobe. Such a lonely feeling and worrying time. However, I was informed by the miracle man, Prof. Lan that all the cancer was gone and miraculously I will not need chemo or radiotherapy. today is my first day home , I see it as my lucky day I wish you all the best and i will keep you close to my heart

  6. Roberta  

    There’re 1000’s of women in this Country with cancer.
    Battling, trying to overcome this most insidious of diseases’

    if she wasn’t John Laws’ wife, we’d never hear about her, & she’d be just one of the numbers’ suffering in silence, never mentioned in the press.

  7. Dennis Dowsett  

    So sad for you and the princess….the perfect couple.Been down that track John. Nothing else to say except thinking of you.

  8. Graham mann  

    Thinking of the “princess and you mate,
    The ” Princess and you are apart of every Ausie family.
    Regards Graham

  9. Laws is a self righteous and he obviously named him self as a radio legend only listen to his own opinions. This man makes me so angry I would never buy anything that he tried to sell on that radio station and his employers should really have a good look at themselves.

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