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It’s one thing no one tells you about ageing but it can make you feel very self conscious – female facial hair. What is a symbol of manliness and testosterone in men is a complete nightmare for women. So why do we get more facial hair once we have menopause and how can we get rid of it?

Your hair on your head will start to thin but it’s almost as if those hairs have transplanted onto your face.

Half of all women have thinning hair by age 50, while up to 15 per cent of women experience hair growth on their chin, upper lip, or cheeks after menopause, according to the North American Menopause Society.

Changes in oestrogen and androgen levels during menopause are to blame for these changes in our body hair. There are a number of solutions for getting rid of unwanted facial hair:


Tweezing, bleaching and waxing

They’re the tried and true methods for hair removal but if you have only a couple of stray hairs, they can be just the ticket. The downside though is they can be painful and temporary, plus you have to let the hair grow out between treatment, which can heighten the embarrassment. Waxing also can irritate the skin, particularly on your face. Creams can be better to remove hair but you do still need to wait a while between applications.


Shave it off

There are razors specifically made for shaving your face, and they are a quick way to get rid of a hair in a flash. The only problem is that it is a very temporary fix and you will need to constantly shave if you have multiple hairs. It is great, though, for peach fuzz as you can barely see it when it grows back.


Get a prescription

Aside for your HRT, you can ask your doctor for something that can help to act against the hormonal changes in your body. A topical cream such as eflornithine can slow the growth of facial hair but can take four to eight weeks to see results.


Laser treatment

By far the most effective treatment, laser damages the hair follicle to slow down hair growth. The problem is that if you have grey or light hairs, the treatments won’t be effective. Dark hairs are optimum.



This can be performed in beauty salons and involves inserting a needle into the hair follicle and passing an electric current through it to destroy the hair. It can be fairly uncomfortable and time-consuming but will work well on all types of hairs.


Every woman will approach thinning hair and facial hair differently. For some, it isn’t a big deal, but others feel very self conscious. Wherever you sit, know it’s a completely normal part of ageing and menopause, and talk to your doctor about your options if you’re concerned.


Do you have any tips for removing unwanted hairs?

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  1. I don’t mind peach fuzz it’s those hoary ones I hate. Got collections of them. So black it looks like bruise or dirt so shaving is no value. Have to pluck the suckers. Had lazered but they return? My underarms worked at treat. ? And yes my head hair getting very thin. Was already very fine.

  2. The baby boomers have started so many fashion trends, we could all grow large beards and start our own fashion

  3. Love this page have passed on to many
    This shaving your face. I was always under the impression
    Never shave face. Hair will grow back. Brussels
    Waxing is option. Or twisters If a lot of hair seek professional help.

  4. Electrolysis, it is permanent

    6 REPLY
  5. I have told my daughter that if anything happens to me that makes me unable to look after myself… get rid of the facial hair. 😀

    5 REPLY
    • I like my kids to tell me when I need a wax. I remember my aunts kissing me when I was little and they had prickly faces. Not happening to me

    • That’s funny Christina Kay – I had Aunties like that too – but the upside was that they always smelled nice – likely of lavender.

    • I too have told my daughter to get rid of my facial hair if I can’t. I’ve also told my eldest son to do it too. Covering a couple of bases.

      1 REPLY
      • I Love the comments about telling your daughters to pluck your facial hair because I’ve made mine promise the same thing!!!

    • When my mother was in hospital dying I visited her every day and saw her one hair on her chin she pulled out faithfully and I knew she’d not appreciate it being there. Every day I’d forget to bring tweezers. The day I brought them and pulled out the hair – she was in a coma by then – and she died the next day. I know how much she hated that one hair all her life and I think she was waiting for me to get rid of it before she left.

  6. I lay in bed at night and I can feel the little nuggets spend half the night pulling them out. Drives me nuts

  7. I use an emoji (brand). Like a electric shaver but instead it pulls the hair out. Used it when I was in late 30’s and haven’t had to shave under arms since then.for the last 20 years. Legs Only have the odd hair now too. Face still getting the odd one, but a quick run over it with this and all gone

    4 REPLY
    • Not sure now. Bought mine around 20-25 years ago. But should be where you buy men’s shavers etc Ie Harvey Norman or a chemist. Need to read instructions . You don’t use during period. Very painful. Hurts a bit but you get used to it at other times

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