Have you found yourself worrying about hair loss?

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Have you found yourself worrying about thinning hair? You’re not alone. One community member has kindly shared her story.

I was in the shower one day and flinched when something hit my foot; I looked down and it was a clump of hair.

Instantly I felt sick and panicked. I hadn’t taken much notice of my hair getting thinner, but it was an eye opener to be in the shower and feel it come out really loosely. I put it down to being more stressed lately but when I talked to my friends, they said their hair was thin too.

Most of them seemed resigned to the idea – that it was a normal part of ageing and we just had to “live with it”.

Because of this advice, I did my best to accept my thinning hair, but it was hard. I started cancelling one-on-one meetings and even avoided going to a group interview for a job as I was worried they would notice.

Through all this, I really believed this was how it had to be. I’d resigned myself to thinking “that’s life” and that there was nothing I could do about it.

I continued like this for months before my daughter noticed and commented on my roughly cut hair (I styled it myself to thicken up a particularly thin patch). This was the moment I realised I really needed to do something to change my situation. It was no longer a little problem. It was essentially stopping me from living.

You hear people say that they love their hair and it makes them feel confident, and I never thought I was one of those people. I used to roll my eyes when women would swish their hair around on the TV… but when I started losing mine, I started to take them more seriously.

I feared being bald and being an old lady with a wig. I didn’t want to look unlike myself, so my daughter and I began to do some research.

In hindsight, I don’t know why I’d given up and thought hair loss was just a part of ageing – it’s not.

Hair loss is treatable. We see ads about men’s hair loss that say this, but for some reason, women seem to see themselves as different.

My treatment is only just beginning, but now I know that something can be done, I already feel like a burden has been lifted. And I want others to know that you don’t need to get used to losing hair.

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