Aussie doctors hailed for lifechanging medical breakthrough

There has been an amazing breakthrough is MS treatment by Australian doctors.
The new blood test will change the way MS is treated.

In a big win for both patients and Australian scientists, a team of Aussie doctors have discovered a blood biomarker for multiple sclerosis that is set to drastically change the way we treat the disease.

As the most common neurological disease in the country, so many are at risk of developing the debilitating MS one day.

Now though, doctors will be able to the determine type of MS a patient has with 85-90 per cent accuracy, possibly within 24 hours, reports The Australian.

It’s a massive breakthrough in when it comes to treating the disease, which affects more than 23,000 Australians and sees nerves in the brain and spinal cord deteriorate over time.

Doctors will now be able to take a blood sample from patients and send it to the lab for a quick and largely accurate response.

“This is something we have never, ever had before and ­Australia has cracked it,” said Matthew Miles, the chief executive of MS Research Australia, told The Australian.

The research was led by Edwin Lim and Gilles Guillemin of Macquarie University and published in medical journal Scientific Reports.

“This is a significant discovery because it will facilitate the ability to quickly and simply make a prognosis of the three types of MS and will allow clinicians to adapt their treatment for MS patients more accurately and rapidly,” Professor Guillemin said.

While the blood test won’t be able to help those already suffering from MS, it will go a long way towards helping others get the treatment they need to fight the disease faster.

Are you happy to hear this? Do you know anyone who has suffered with MS?

  1. Faye Carey  

    Well done, congratulations

    • Stephanie Sywak  

      Congratulation all, just Amszing and Wonderful!

    • Maria Meiklem  

      Congrats to all those medical scientists who work so hard the world appreciates you lets all pray for a cure for all types of cancer which has taken so many I was in church one day and the priest said there is one very powerful word and the word is Push when the word is broken down it means Pray Until Something Happens let’s all remember that word

  2. Yvonne  

    My beautiful niece has endured MS for much of her 50 odd yrs. she was diagnosed in her mid 20s when she had 2 toddler children & initially had the wrong diagnosis. Due to not getting the correct treatment she went downhill fast. When her daughter was in her early teens she made the heartbreaking decision to leave her family & go to a home so her daughter wouldn’t spend the best years of her life caring for her. My sister, her mother decided instead to become her carer and at 78 is still doing that. My niece is total care, but still has the nicest nature you would see. Thanks to MS Australia she is cared for well. This breakthrough could make such a difference for new diagnostics & thank God for that. Kudos to the work of the wonderful researchers. This is HOPE for the future

  3. David Anderson  

    Fantastic news for another step to curing this terrible disease, and oh dear, here we go once again. When will governments realise that Australia is bloody good at science and stop cutting back on funding, Indeed why don’t they increase it? You hear every few weeks of the achievements made in this country. I loved it when our Australian Of The Year, Emeritus Professor Alan Mackay-Sim, was giving a speech about his ground breaking work, and of how we need to hopefully increase funding, while Malcolm in the Muddle, the science funding scissor man, was standing next to him. Well done Alan 🙂

  4. Pip hacon  

    What a truly life changing discovery 🎉🎊 thank you all for your persistent life changing work 🤗 Please continue your work 🙏🙏

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