An injectable weight loss drug will arrive in Australia next month

Already available in the US, weight loss “wonder drug” Saxenda will be available in Australia next month. The diabetes drug

Already available in the US, weight loss “wonder drug” Saxenda will be available in Australia next month. The diabetes drug has been shown to have striking effects overseas. In a trial by Columbia University, 33 per cent of those on the drug lost lost at least 10 per cent of their total body weight.

The drug is administered by daily injections and acts by reducing hunger and reducing the rate at which food is absorbed into the small intestines from the stomach. It has been available as a treatment for diabetes since 2010 and for weight loss since 2014, reports Tech Times.

“It is a very effective drug. It seems to be as good as any of the others on the market, so it adds another possibility for doctors to treat patients who are having trouble either losing weight or maintaining weight loss once they get the weight off,” says Xavier Pi-Sunyer from the Columbia University Medical Centre.

Saxenda is suitable for those with 20 or more kilograms to lose, and could double the number of people who achieve a “clinically significant” amount of weight.

However, there are a few catches. For one, the drug will cost around $400 per month, according to this report by Seven news. And once you stop taking it, there’s a good chance the weight will come right back.

There are also significant side effects, including diarrhoea or constipation and nausea, which usually abide after four to six weeks. Other concerns include links to thyroid tumours and pancreatitis.

Are you trying to lose weight? Would you consider trying something like this? What are your main barriers to maintaining a healthy weight?

If you are interested in taking part in long-term weight loss trials, Associate Professor Amanda Salis at the University of Sydney is seeking participants from the Sydney metropolitan area for clinical trials of the long-term (one- to three-year) effectiveness of various weight loss strategies. For more information, contact her team on [email protected] orclick here to register your interest. To find other clinical weight loss trials around Australia, click here.


    • But you also get included in the price, side effects, including diarrhoea or constipation and nausea and the possibility of thyroid tumours and pancreatitis. (sarcasm!!)

  1. There are many contributing factors that prevent people from loosing weight, and I think if it were affordable maybe people would give it a go to shed the unwanted kilos. However at $400 per month + the side affects it has on people I don’t think it will attract many.

    • Lynette Giddings thank you for pointing out my imperfections, it’s is a typo but then it’s great to know we have PERFECT PEOPLE TO CORRECT OUR MISTAKES, get a life and don’t be so RUDE!!!!!

  2. That would be out of reach for pensioners, we are having trouble paying for osteo panadol now, let alone $400 a month !!

    • I have been stocking up on the oesto panadol. One of our chemists had it on special for $4:50 a pack a few weeks ago. So I bought 6 packs. Then yesterday’s junk mail showed the other chemist has it on special this week for $3:99 a pack. So heading up there today to geab another 6 packs and will get my daughter to grab 6 packs for me as well. At least that’s 9 months worth for me.

    • I went to pick up my prescriptions yesterday and was told by my pharmacist that because mine and my husbands Osteo was prescribed on repeats last year he could dispense them happy days….four more repeats for both of us before needing to buy over the counter!

  3. Hey, have I got a great deal for you? For only $400 a month, you can lose weight, and we’ll throw in for free side effects, including diarrhoea or constipation and nausea plus the possibiity of thyroid tumours and pancreatitis !!!!

    Whatever happened to a healthy diet and exercise?

    • Healthy diet impossible in my hood all the food is placed on tables on footpath so pple can handle it sneeze on it n car fumes can cover it. . Exercise.. omg yur lucky if u can find a dr who can cure yur asthma or undiagnosed heart condition not alone take a run on these air polluted streets or travel miles 2 find a beach where u dont have 2 pay 4 parking

    • Paying $400 a month for it would certainly help you lose weight; you couldn’t afford to eat!!
      It would probably cost half as much again here in NZ.

    • Heather Anderson – And you’d be so sick from the side effects, you wouldn’t want to eat.

    • As someone who is overweight exercises and long ago eliminated almost all sugar from my diet, have low fat milk, yoghurt etc. rarely fries foods and eats little bread. Healthy food and exercise doesn’t do it for some of us. I lost 10kg and have plateaued. I would have to have an immediate reason to lose weight such as surgery to resort to this though.

    • Barbara, I understand your delema. I even had 80% of my stomach removed many years ago and don’t….can’t overeat and I have not lost any weight.

    • Gypsy Maddy – Have you tried acupuncture? Works for some. Maybe as a last resort. Can’t hurt. But whatever you do, don’t get involved with this $400 stuff.

    • Gypsy Maddy I think often it is about genetics, both my parents were obese and I know as a child my Dad often had periods when food was scarce. I watched an interesting show on genetics and it talked about in some people who go without food a gene is switched on that tells the body to store food, the trouble is that switched on gene can be inherited by the next generation.

  4. my first instinct was to scream yes But when I read the article and say the cost coupled with the side effects, my answer turned to a big NO

  5. As much as I would like to say yes it has to be a big no, far too expensive, far too many side effects, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing now – nothing unfortunately, no bloody willpower

  6. Eat less walk more ,simple ,free ,but why don’t I do it ,perhaps I’ll start next Monday 😀😀

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