Get to know your tablet with these tips

I gave my old iPad to my Grandma when I didn’t need it any more. She loved it so much

I gave my old iPad to my Grandma when I didn’t need it any more. She loved it so much she has long since bought her own iPad mini which is attached to her like almost as much as her new hip is!

She takes her iPad everywhere and absolutely loves the ability to stay in contact with her friends from all over the world wherever and whenever she likes. But, it wasn’t easy for her to adjust to the technology, here are some tips that I showed her to help her get started… Perhaps you have some others you’ve learnt that could be shared with others here…

Delete or change your pass lock

  • Tap on “Settings” and within theĀ “General” section on the left you will see an option for “Passcode”.
  • Tap on this and you will be able to disable it or change your passcode.

Delete apps

  • Hold down the app that you wish to remove and your screen will begin to wiggle and an ‘X’ will appear in the top left corner.
  • Select this, it will then ask if you wish to delete it and you can select “Delete”.

Organise apps

  • Select which apps you would like to group together (e.g. camera, photo library, video).
  • Tap and hold down one of the apps and the screen will begin to wiggle, slide your finger across to another and it will be placed within a category (e.g. photography).
  • You will then have the opportunity to rename this group if you wish.
  • If you have accidentally put an app in a group it shouldn’t be in, tap and hold down on the app and move your finger out of the box and let go and it will pop back out.

Adjust brightness

  • Press the lock or home button to activate your iPad and swipe from the bottom of the screen up.
  • This will display a menu which has options to turn down the brightness on the right hand side. Just slide the dot towards brighter or darker setting.
  • This is also where you can turn up volume (left) access your camera without unlocking your iPad, Select aeroplane mode, turn on or off wifi, bluetooth and do not disturb.

Lock orientation

  • This is in the same section as the previous items above. Simply swipe up to reveal the menu.
  • On the right you will see a lock symbol with an arrow around it.
  • Select this to stop your screen from swapping to landscape or portrait view when you rotate your iPad.

Do you have a tablet?

  1. Robin Giacovani  

    I absolutely love my IPad do everything on it! Emails, Facebook, online shopping etc best toy Iv’e ever owned, even caught up on Days of our lives after they took it off TV!

  2. Unice Smith  

    I have an Ipad and Kindle as a sufferer of Parkinsons Disease some nights it is hard to sleep so I use both either for reading or doing crossworda and jigsaw puzzles they are the best thing i could have bought also take great photos.

    • pamela burt  

      as a parkinsons sufferer also I find that the tips of my fingers don,t seem to do what they should and only some fingers are recognised.

  3. Angie B  

    I am still learning to use mine, so thank you for the tips.

  4. Anna Kudray  

    Being a complete novice, one of the first things I did when I bought my iPad was to download the free User Guide from the iTunes site, in the Free Books section. It is now on my screen for me to refer to at any time in my iBooks.

  5. Sally Ronaldson  

    Thank you, the tips were very helpful:)

  6. Love my iPad mini for emails, shopping, Facebook as you all said but now l’m face timing too. Speak and see my friends in Qld or here in Melb and it’s free. Wonderful.

  7. pat  

    Perhaps someone can help me. I have an iPad Air 2 and I like it but there is just one thing I can’t seem to do. I cannot copy a whole text or a whole paragraph. Some say tap twice until the whole text is shadowed and others say just hold your finger on it in til the copy words come up. Neither of these things work for me. I just get the one word highlighted ready to copy. Can anyone help please?

    • Jill  

      Try dragging out the corner of your one word

  8. Jill  

    If you need help with your iPad go to your local library. They have classes, tutors and free wifi

  9. Glenda  

    I have a samsung tab 4 and l can do most things l need to and seem to learn something new about it everytime l play with it, but find most info is about i pads only .

  10. Pat I use a stylis pen to copy I think it makes it a little easier. I have an iPad Air 5, all I do is hold the pen on the 1st word of the paragraph you want to copy then drag the pen to the bottom right hand corner of it, it should all then be highlited and the word copy should show whilst you are still holding the pen on the last word, then go to the area that you want the copied item pasted, hold the pen on that spot and the word paste should show and then you should have copied and pasted. Hope this helps.

    • pat  

      Thank you so much. That seems to work sometimes which is a great improvement.

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