‘You can’t sing’: Molly Meldrum disses Aussie music icon

Molly Meldrum is known for his love of music, but turns out he can't stand this Aussie icon. Source: Getty

He’s been part of the music industry for decades and it appears that Molly Meldrum isn’t a fan of Australian singer Shannon Noll.

Shannon, who is currently a contestant on Channel Ten’s I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! has suggested that the 75-year-old music mogul wasn’t entirely kind to him when he rose to fame after appearing on the first series of Australian Idol in 2003.

Speaking on last night’s episode of the popular reality show, Shannon suggested that former Australian Idol judge Mark Holden got into an argument with Molly at the Logies in 2004. The fight was said to have occurred after all the awards were handed out, where the two men were some of the last at the lavish event.

“There’s only two people left and they are going each other,” Shannon recalled of the incident. “It was Molly Meldrun and Mark Holden. I walked past and Mark goes, ‘Well he’s here now, why don’t you tell it to his face.’”

Shannon told his fellow contestants that he was initially confused by what was going on before Molly told him to his face that he didn’t think he was very talented. “Oh, G’day Shannon. Well, look mate, you can’t sing,” the 42-year-old recalled. “You’re not a great singer at all and you’ll never make it in America.”

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Shannon’s first single, ‘What About Me’ was the biggest song in the country at the time, given that the singer had placed second on Idol. He remembered telling Molly what he really thought of him. “I said, ‘You know what Molly? Opinions are like a*******, everyone’s got one.’ Molly Meldrum, who I’ve looked up to my whole life, who’s been such an advocate for Australian music, told me I’m sh**.”

The revelation comes as Shannon’s latest album, ‘Unbroken’, debuted at number seven on the official Aria Charts this week.

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Molly famously hosted music show Countdown for 13 years between 1974 and 1987, interviewing some of the biggest musical acts in the world. He also gave his musical expertise on the hugely popular Hey Hey It’s Saturday, with a mini-series, Molly, based on his life becoming a huge Australian hit in 2016.

He is yet to respond to the claims Shannon made in the African jungle. Meanwhile, fellow I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! contestant Paul Burrell revealed his own secrets during last night’s show, confirming that Prince Charles in in fact the father of Prince Harry, despite rumours that James Hewitt is his dad.

What do you think? Do you think it was right for Molly to tell Shannon he couldn’t sing, or do you agree?

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