Paul Burrell says Meghan ‘has to learn respect’ after lavish baby shower

Paul Burrell said the duchess "needs to learn respect for William and Kate" and described her recent star-studded baby shower in New York as "overindulgent". Source: Getty.

The Duchess of Sussex was a celebrity in her own right before marrying Prince Harry and becoming a member of royalty last May. but Princess Diana’s former butler has hit out at Meghan’s recent antics, claiming she needs to learn the difference between being royal and being a celebrity.

Writing for The Sun newspaper in the UK, Paul Burrell said the duchess “needs to learn respect for William and Kate” and described her recent star-studded baby shower in New York as “overindulgent”.

“The lines are getting blurred between celebrity and royal. There is a clear line between the two, and Meghan doesn’t know the difference. The Queen has always said: “We are not celebrities, to be royal is something very different.”

Meghan’s shower has been the subject of many headlines this week, particularly as it was rumoured to have cost an eye-watering US$500,000 (AU$700,000), complete with stunning flower displays, penthouse venue and a harpist.

Burrell added that the event would have angered Prince William who has worked for years to keep the press at arm’s length when it comes to enjoying his privacy with his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and their three young children.

He added: “I think Prince William will be angered by all of Meghan’s lavish extravagance this week and the fact her baby shower looked so ‘celebrity’ rather than ‘royal’.

“Meghan is doing exactly what he doesn’t – courting attention all for her and her baby…But Meghan will have to tow the party line if she is to last.

“She has to learn respect for William and Kate and she’ll have to curtsey to Kate as the future Queen and be seen to do it in public.”

Following her lavish shower, which was attended by a host of A-list names, including human rights lawyer – and wife of George -Amal Clooney and tennis icon Serena Williams, the duchess boarded a Gulfstream G450 twin jet plane, which is believed to have cost US$125,000 (AU$174,583) for the six-hour journey back to the UK, according to The Daily Mail.

The mother-to-be is also thought to have arrived in New York via private jet, meaning Meghan’s travel for the six-day trip may have cost a staggering US$250,000.

Meanwhile, her accommodation for five nights at The Mark Hotel came to a reported US$9,982. However, according to the publication, Kensington Palace confirmed on Monday that Meghan’s travel for the trip had been “privately funded”.

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