‘I strive to make him proud’: Susan Boyle reveals close bond with Simon Cowell

Susan Boyle has claimed Simon Cowell is her "biggest inspiration". Source: Getty

There is no doubt that Susan Boyle and Simon Cowell had a rocky start to their relationship when the Scottish singer first appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, but things have taken a complete turn with the Scottish singer now claiming the judge is her “biggest inspiration”.

Back in 2009 Boyle received an unsavoury response from Cowell as she walked out on stage for her debut audition as the judge rolled his eyes and muttered “wow” when she explained she had never married and that she shared her flat with her cat.

But things changed when Boyle began singing the famous Les Miserables tune ‘I Dreamed a Dream’, with the judges, including Cowell, left thoroughly impressed by her stunning vocals.

Since then Cowell has been by Boyle’s side every step of the way, mentoring the singer throughout her career, and has since apologised for his “disgusting” treatment of her all those years ago.

Now, speaking to The Daily Mirror, Boyle opened up about her close relationship with the music mogul, thanking him for his ongoing support and admitting he motivates her to do her best.

“Simon Cowell is the biggest inspiration in my career,” she told the publication. “I strive to make him proud. He inspired me to continue and aim for perfect. And I have a great team. It’s a very thoughtful pairing. They aren’t afraid to say no to me, especially when I’m carrying on.”

She added: “I’ll do anything for a laugh by they tell me sometimes the pranks have to stop and I’ve to be a bit more serious about myself now.”

Her comments come as the star prepares to return to the Britain’s Got Talent stage at the weekend, 10 years after her first memorable performance. After the sale of millions of albums and earning a place on the UK and US number one list,  Boyle will once again brace TV screens as she performs on Saturday night’s show.

While it has been a while since Boyle appeared on Britain’s Got Talent the star recently competed in America’s Got Talent: The Champions. In Susan’s final performance on the show, she tackled the same Les Miserables tune that propelled her to stardom a decade ago.

The emotional performance brought back bittersweet memories for Cowell, who said he was transported back to Boyle’s first ever audition in Glasgow in 2009 whilst he listened to her sing.

“Oh my god Susan,” he said. “That really, really took me back all those years.

“I can remember vividly how disgusting I was on the day before you sang and then what you did and what happened afterwards. And to end the show, it’s been an amazing night, I mean seriously it was fantastic. You’re a champion.”

Susan, who is notoriously shy, then blew Simon a kiss before telling host Terry Crews: “I’ve enjoyed every second and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being in America. Thank you all so much.”

Are you a fan of Susan Boyle? Do you remember her first performance on Britain’s Got Talent?

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