Discreet location? Furious customer slams delivery driver over hidden parcel

The item was not quite hidden from view.

There’s probably not a single household in Australia who hasn’t experienced some kind of issue with a postie or courier service at some point, but one customer was left reeling this week after his parcel was left in somewhat of an obvious location.

A Reddit user, who goes by the online moniker ‘llBoonell’, took to the forum site to express his frustration with Australia Post’s Startrack offering after a delivery, supposedly left in a ‘discreet location’, was seemingly deposited in clear view to anyone passing his property.

To make their point, the annoyed user also shared on image online, showing where the parcel had been placed beneath his black rectangular doormat. However it is quite obvious from the photo that there is something hidden beneath the mat.

Writing alongside the photo, the Melburnian wrote: “‘A discreet location’… solid s**t, Startrack. Real nice.”

The post received a flurry of comments from other users. Source: Reddit/llBoonell.
The post received a flurry of comments from other users. Source: Reddit/llBoonell.

However, while many people can no doubt sympathise with the annoyance felt at missing or losing a delivery, the majority of respondents actually believed the man was being unreasonable with his complaint.

One wrote: “So what’s the issue then if you didn’t even give instructions? You’re in for a world of disappointment if this delivery was a problem.” Another commented: “You got the package AND they attempted to follow your instructions. This is better than 99% of people’s experience.”

While a third said: “Expecting them to drop it just behind a fence is unreasonable – IMO they definitely should not be putting it somewhere in arms reach from anybody walking down the street. They at least made some effort.”

This disgruntled Aussie isn’t the first to have an issue with a delivery left outside of their home though. Back in December, a Perth woman caught a mail thief red-handed after they drove up to her front door on a motorbike and snatched a parcel from the entry way. 

Crysti-Lei Arnold was left furious when she saw on her home security camera that someone had been stealing Christmas parcels from her front door, so she devised a plan to catch them in the act by leaving a fake parcel out front when she was home at the weekend. 

Arnold sneakily put out a decoy box full of bricks and it didn’t take long until someone showed up to snatch it. CCTV footage shows a motorcyclist boldly riding up to her doorstep before taking off with the box under their arm. As the driver made a quick escape, Arnold opened her door, and can be seen yelling at the rider.

Arnold shared footage of the interaction on her Facebook page as a warning to others. 

Starts at 60 has contacted Startrack for comment.

What are your thoughts on this story? Should the courier have left the item somewhere more discreet? Or is the customer overreacting?

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