Denise Drysdale’s humble cremation plans after travelling with parents’ ashes

Denise Drysdale has already planned where she wants her ashes scattered. Source: YouTube/Studio 10.

She previously revealed her hilarious plans for her funeral in an interview with Starts at 60, and now Denise Drysdale has opened up on her surprisingly humble plans for her remains once she’s gone – having carried her parents’ ashes around the world with her over the last few years.

The Studio 10 star, 70, had some of her parents’ ashes glued in to two small enamel jars – shaped a little like salt and pepper shakers – so she could keep them close to her wherever she goes.

“They look like salt and pepper shakers, they’re Chinese enamel jars, one from Hong Kong and the other from Vietnam. It’s all carved sand stone,” she explained in an exclusive chat.

“I took a bit out of their ashes and glued them inside, and they’ve been everywhere! When dad died, he did more travel when he was dead!

“He’s been hot air ballooning, in South Africa I put him on a little ledge and there was this American in the pool saying, ‘What’s that?’ And I said, ‘Dad! It’s his ashes, he loves to travel!’ They’ve been everywhere.”

However, while making the bold decision has inspired Denise to think about what she would like to happen to her own remains once she’s gone, she said she’s done enough travelling in her life and would instead prefer to remain at home at her stunning house on the Gold Coast, alongside the remains of her beloved dog.

“I want to be cremated, and go out the back here,” she said. “I’ve also got a little bit of fur and tags from my dog here too.”

The TV star’s co-host Sarah Harris previously revealed Denise’s unusual choice for her parents’ ashes during an appearance on Hughesy, We Have A Problem, after meeting a woman whose father’s remains had been turned into a teapot.

As the panel discussed the quirky decision, Harris said of Denise: “She does a lot of cruising and she pops down to the buffet with Mum and Dad.”

The statement was met with some confusion from her fellow panellists, who questioned how that worked, but Hughesy quickly cleared it up by joking: “She’s not sprinkling them on her food!”

It comes after Denise revealed that she’s planned her own funeral – complete with satin pyjamas, and even a bottle of champagne in her casket with her.

“It’s the best thing, I had the funniest time sitting down with the lady to work out what I wanted, what music, all of those things,” she explained.

“I’ve got a white satin coffin, and blue satin pyjamas and matching slippers, and I’ve got an Esky beside me with ice and bottles of champagne, with one open and a straw down in my mouth! I think attitudes to funerals have changed a lot now.”

Asked what her family thought of her planning so much, she added: “Oh they hate it. At one stage I had to stop talking about the end because it was getting a bit too much for them, but I couldn’t fear it. I don’t fear going, not at all.

“It doesn’t have to be morbid. It’s a celebration of someone’s life, of what they’ve given and the memories. I know this sounds absolutely stupid, but I have sometimes thought, ‘I must ring mum when something good happens and tell her’. They never leave you, they’re always there.

“I just wish my parents could see this house, they’d be absolutely thrilled.”

Have you planned what you’d like to happen to your remains when you’re gone? Would you like to be buried or cremated?

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